The February Program
Several artists
Curator: Petros Panagiotis Orfanos
10 t/m 27 feb 2017

From the 10th until the 27th of February at puntWG Petros Panagiotis Orfanos will present a program that functions as a dynamic archive. The archive integrates a variety of approaches towards research that relates to, but also negates, notions of representation and containment. The selected fragments combine to produce a delirious interrogation of boundaries. Cohesion is occasional and at times, fully nauseating.

Contribution by: Barbara de Vries, Ken Jacobs, Bart Jansen, Tatjana Todorovic, William E. Jones, Eleusyve Productions, Mareike van Coeverden, Radha Bharadwaj, Arnold-Jan Scheer, Peter Bogers, Judith Braun, Agata Bartos, Kathryn Parker Almanas, Natasha Papadopoulou and Benni Bosetto.

The program contains:

Friday, 10th of February
until the 27th of February:
Barbara de Vries

Barbara de Vries will exhibit photographs of scenic design.

De Vries was born in 1950 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands,and lives and works in Amsterdam. She
graduated from the Rietveld Academie, Free Arts and St. Joost Academie in Breda as a Theater Designer. Since 1980 she has worked as a Theater Designer for several leading Theater groups through the country.
Barbara de Vries did her first production for Gerardjan Rijnders for Zuidelijk Toneel Globe. She made several scenery productions for Baal, Lodelijk de Boer, De Haagse Komedie, De Appel, Toneelschuur in Haarlem (Holland Festival), Theater 80, Personas, Haarlem Toneel and Van den Ende's ''Hoera we zijn normaal'' by Annie M.G. Schmidt.
Since 1995 she has focused on making drawings and paintings and in 2000 she added photoshop to her skills; working in the computer with her own pictures.
Light and silence, layers and draft are remaining the most important ingredients of her work.
From 2004 on she had several succesful exhibitions in the Netherlands and Europe.


Friday, 10th of February:
Ken Jacob's Blonde Cobra (1963)
A man fondled objects, looks at himself in the mirror, poses in different clothes, smiles and makes faces at the camera while his voice on the soundtrack speaks of his despair, makes impressionistic statements and little songs, quotes Greta Garbo and Maria Montez, tells the story of lonely little boy (in drag) tells the story of a woman (Madame Nescience) who dreams of herself as the mother superior of a convent of sexual perversion.
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Ken Jacobs, was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1933. He studied painting with one of the prime creators of Abstract Expressionism, Hans Hoffmann, in the mid-fifties. It was then that he also began filmmaking (Star Spangled To Death). His personal star rose, to just about knee high, with the sixties advent of Underground film. In 1967, with the involvement of his wife Florence and many others aspiring to a democratic rather than demagogic cinema. He created The Millenium Film Workshop in New York City. A nonprofit filmmaker's co-operative open to all, it made available film equipment, workspace, screenings and classes at little or no cost. Later he found himself teaching large classes of painfully docile students at St. John's University in Jamaica, Queens.


Tuesday, 14th of February:
Bart Jansen's Containment (2012)
Containment is a short feature about Edward, spending his life in a bottle bank. Living on stale leftovers, he becomes the victim of his own delirium, which takes form as a giant talking larva, that does not rest from toying Edward around in his contained misery.
Bart Jansen is a visual artist. Bart graduated on this film at Artez Academy of Visual Arts in The Netherlands.


Thursday, 16th of February
until the 27th of February:
Opening Thursday, 16th of February18:00
Tatjana Todorovic
Tatjana will exhibit photographs. These pictures were taken during performances at AstaroTheatro and other venues (like the Vondelbunker – During free Fringe Festival, Juan Tajes Studio, De Nieuwe Anita etc.)
Tatjana was born in former Yugoslavia. She graduated from Architecture at the University of Belgrade. In 1996 she moved to Rome to complete her post-graduate studies in Sustainable Interactive Design and Multimedia at Roma.  The University where she also works as Contract Professor of Visual Communication in Architecture. In 2009 moves to Amsterdam. In 2012 starts her collaboration with AstaroTheatro and is introduced into Amsterdam's alternative performance scene. Hosts a monthly rubrica Buona Sera Signorina for Radio Ondaltaliana at Salto Wereld FM.


Friday, 17th of February:
William E. Jones' Tearoom (1962/2007)
Tearoom consists of footage shot by the police in the course of a crackdown on public sex in the American Midwest. In the summer of 1962, the Mansfield, Ohio Police Department photographed men in a restroom under the main square of the city. The cameraman hid in a closet and watched the clandestine activities through a two-way mirror. The film they shot was used in court as evidence against the defendants, all of whom were found guilty of sodomy, which at that time carried a mandatory minimum sentence of one year in the state penitentiary. The original surveillance footage shot by the police came into the possession of director William E. Jones while he was researching this case for a documentary project. The unedited scenes of ordinary men of various races and classes meeting to have sex were so powerful that the director decided to present the footage with a minimum of intervention. Tearoom is a radical example of film presented “as found” for the purpose of  circulating historical images that have otherwise been suppressed.
William E. Jones is a filmmaker from Canton Ohio. He lives in Los Angeles, California. 


Sunday, 19th of February:
Paul Oremland's Like It Is (1998)

Craig is a rough kid in blackpool, picking up cash as a bare-knuckle club fighter; he's also having a hard time accepting that he's gay.

Paul Oremland is a film director. He directed Surveillance; If They'd Asked for a Lion Tamer; The Final Frame etc.

Eleusyve Productions' Aleister Crowley's The Rite of Mars, a rock opera (2014)

The 5th feature length musical adaption of Aleister Crowley's Rites of Eleusis produced by Eleusyve Productions in Seattle, Washington in 2014.
Jon Sewell and Melissa Holm are the driving force behind Eleusyve Productions. They live in Seattle, WA where they compose and produce Rites of Eleusis, are members of the band Telestrion.


Tuesday 21st of February
until the 27th of February:
Mareike van Coeverden

Mareike van Coeverden will exhibit a selection of acrylics on canvas.
Painting is Mareike van Coeverden's hobby for over twenty years. Over the years she developed her own style with acrylics on canvas. Mareike likes to make abstract paintings, with bright and cheerful colors. Shapes and colors are the inspiration behind her work. 


Wednesday 22nd of February:
Radha Bharadwaj's Closet Land (1991)

In an drab police state, a children's book writer is interrogated by a sadistic secret policeman under suspicion of embedding anti-government messages in her stories.
Radha Bharadwaj is an Indian filmmaker, film producer and screenwriter. She moved to the United States to study film. Bharadwaj's screenwriting and directing feature debut is Closet Land. 


Thursday 23th of February:
Arnold-Jan Scheer's Jeanice Fabien, de Sexbom van Alkmaar / Paradijsvogels (1992)
She has a fairy-tale voice. Like a cartoon female, powerful and hoarse, with a languorous swipe voice. Her words are as theatrical as her appearance. ''TATAA, I'm the most spectacular woman in the Netherlands,'' she says, ''the sex bomb of Alkmaar.''
(Only in Dutch.)
De Baron en de Draagmoeder / Paradijsvogels (1993)
Baron van Hardenbroeck van de Kleine Lindt is the last descendant of the three oldest families of the Netherlands (1196). He doesn't want his family to die. That is why he is looking for a surrogate mother.
(Only in Dutch.)
Freddy Lodder, De Sexapostel / Paradijsvogels (1992)
Freddy Lodder, 58, former  director of the cabaret orchestra of the ladies tea room Heck. A memory as in the film Moulin Rouge by Baz Luhrmann. He invites for a naked party.
(Only in dutch.)
Wild Geraas (2016)
A quest for the origins of the Sinterklaas feast.
(Only in Dutch.)
Arnold-Jan Scheer is a Dutch journalist, illusionist and theatre maker.


Friday, 24th of February:
Peter Bogers' Clayman (1980)
One simple intervention on a large lump of clay.
Peter Bogers (1956) studied at the sculpture department of St. Joost Academy, Breda. Starting his  career as a performance artist, he later devoted himself to video art, video installations and sculptures.
Judith Braun's My Five Minute Life (2009)
Five minutes of Judith Braun's life.
Judith Braun began her career with provocative depictions of female genitalia, including her own. However, she's best known today for her sprawling, mandala-like drawings made with just the use of charcoal and her fingers.


Saturday, 25th of February
Agata Bartos' As Time Goes By (2017, video art)
Three portraits of time plus Shakespeare.
From The Diary Of A Sociopath (2017, performance)
"How to reconcile in yourself the two concepts, eternity and the start and end"
Bartos was born in 1983 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem. He was a finalist on the television program for young artists De Nieuwe Rembrandt. Bartos makes performances and experimental films and is aconceptual mixed-media artist and designer. He has taken part in numerous group and individual exhibitions including Milan, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, among other places and is a former handball player.


Sunday, 26th of February:
A lecture by Kathryn Parker Almanas on her art practice
Kathryn Parker Almanas earned a BFA in Photography from MassArt in 2003 and a MFA in Photography from Yale University in 2007. While at Yale, she was awarded the Schickle-Collingwood Prize, and upon receiving her MFA, was the recipient of the Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowship to conduct research on the history of anatomical dissection in Italy. Her work has been published in 25 Under 25 Up-and-Coming American Photographers, Photo District News, Metropolis, to name a few. She has created art on commission basis for New York Magazine, Time Magazine, Details magazine, Culture+Travel magazine, among others. Almanas's work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Providence, Boston, Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia. Her photographs and collage work investigate destruction and healing within the body and the terrors and pleasures of embodiment, often drawing ideas from the medical world.
Natasha Papadopoulou's A Simple Work Out (2013)
Papadopoulou was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, under the influence of ADHD in the late glamorous 70’s.
She started dancing singing and performing at a very young age and through out her high school years. About that time she got introduced to drawing and she in return introduced herself to photography which led her to New York City and School of Visual arts in the late 90's. After a big BFA a little THC in SVA and many other three letter qualifications she experimented with anything producing and forming an image from commercial photography to voodoo dancing and public screaming.
In 2009 she moved back to Greece, because the digital world in a digital country like USA was fitting too much. She then messed with a variety of media, hands, colours, sounds and devices. Her videos wanted conversations, her objects longed to perform her photos to speak.
In the autumn of 2016, she moved to Amsterdam to help the north to hear how the south sounds like.


Monday, 27th of February:
A LIVE performance by Benni Bosetto
Benni Bosetto was born in Merate. She attended second-level sculpture at Accademia di Belli Arti di Brera.

Detail view of 'On Fries, Knees and Weakness'cloth, ink, acrylic paint, rubber, wood, clay 100 x 70 cm 2016. Dina Danish & Jean-Baptiste Maitre
The Admirer and the Admired..
Jean-Baptiste Maitre, Dina Danish
4 t/m 27 mrt 2017

Geïnspireerd door bezoeken aan musea en historische locaties in Europa en Egypte, besloten Dina Danish en Jean-Baptiste Maitre onderzoek te doen naar de relatie tussen museale objecten en hun presentatie. De spanning tussen de neutraliteit van de museumpresentatie en de onschatbare waarde van het getoonde object kwam centraal te staan.

In hun eerste duo-tentoonstelling ‘The Admirer and the Admired’ vragen Danish en Maitre zich af: Wat als de entourage niet langer neutraal is en de betekeniswaarde van het object vermindert? Wat als de relatie tussen ondergrond en object complementair wordt als die van een ‘bewonderaar en het bewonderde’?

Op een gereproduceerd rek, bestemd voor de museale presentatie van antieke kleitabletten – een veelgelaagde, veelkleurige structuur (ontleend aan digitale 3D-systemen) – hangen klimplanten. Vervang je de handgemaakte objecten door een object dat bepaald wordt door de toevallige compositievorm van een natuurlijke plantengroei, verandert de hiërarchie en raken voor- en achtergrond vervlochten. Kleitabletten met inscripties van aan YouTube ontleende teksten, ad random commentaren bij verschillende video’s, hangen boven elkaar. Zodoende verschuift de aandacht van de video naar het citaat, wat ook zou gebeuren als je het museale object onzichtbaar maakt terwijl je het tekstkaartje aan de muur laat hangen.   

In aanvulling op de duo-presentatie tonen Maitre en Danish ieder één eigen werk gerelateerd aan het gezamenlijke werk, gebaseerd op een gezamenlijke interesse. Tot slot focussen zij met een installatie die bestaat uit een tapijt dat vloer en wand bedekt en een kleurig stuk touw op hun voorkeur voor toevallige en efemere composities. Je ziet het spoor van een hand die de vleug van het tapijt in tegenoverstelde richting streek; De kleuren van een touw dat met een willekeurig gebaar op de grond werd geworpen vormen een tijdelijke compositie.

Deze tentoonstelling is de eerste waarin Jean Baptiste Maitre en Dina Danish gezamenlijk werk laten zien.

A presentation by Beny Wagner
Beny Wagner
20 feb 2017 — 20:00 tot 22:00 uur

Our current guest works with moving image, text, installations and lectures. The politics and ethics of representation is a preoccupation of Wagner's; he focuses on how language and technology shape the boundaries of collective social consciousness.

His research time at our space has been part of his residency at the Het Instituut which, with the support of the AFK en Stichting Cultuur en Educatie, produces an interdisciplinary, practice-based research programme.

Wagner will be reading extracts of an essay he has written for a book on post-digital artistic strategies, alongside screening found videos that he has integrated into the piece. To conclude he will also premiere a new video work.

Wagner (Berlin, 1985) has exhibited his work and screened films internationally: International Film Festival Rotterdam - IFFR, Impakt Festival, V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Venice Biennale, Import Projects, Future Gallery. In 2012-13 he participated in Labour In A Single Shot with Harun Farocki and Antje Ehmann. His work has been featured in Artforum, Spike Magazine, frieze and Kaleidoscope. He has published texts with BLOCK Magazin and 60 pages. Wagner graduated from Bard College, New York in 2008. In 2015-6 he was a researcher at Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht. 

Wagner has also answered A Question.

Costa Mediterranea, Annegien van Doorn.
Costa Mediterranea
Annegien van Doorn
Curator: Jerry de Mars, Weekender
13 t/m 19 dec 2016

Geopend op zaterdag 13-18 uur en zondag 15-18 uur.

Met Costa Mediterranea verbeeld kunstenaar Annegien van Doorn een wondere wereld.Ze kondigt haar aankomende tentoonstelling als volgt aan:

Zodra je een voet aan boord zet van een cruiseschip, stap je een parallelle wereld binnen. Echter, voordat je die stap mag nemen, wordt er met een soort scanner een foto van je gemaakt; alsof je echte 'ik' achter moet blijven en alleen je avatar het schip mag betreden. Het gevoel in een andere realiteit terecht te komen wordt hierdoor versterkt. Aan boord begeef je je in een wereld die geïnspireerd is op een ander tijdperk of werelddeel. En die werelddelen en tijdperken lopen ook nog random door elkaar. Het heeft nog het meest weg van een filmset. Het interieur van het cruiseschip waarop ik terecht kwam was geïnspireerd door de stijl van de historische paleizen van Italië, aldus hun eigen brochure.

Eenmaal aan boord van het schip kon je geen stap zetten zonder geobserveerd te worden door het cruise personeel. Het schip was voor 60% gevuld, waardoor er voor iedere drie passagier twee personeelsleden aan boord waren. De enige plek waar ik mij kon onttrekken aan dit tafereel was in mijn 12m2 cabine. Deze cabine werd het decor waarin ik mijn eigen taferelen creëerde. Daarnaast fotografeerde ik er mijn beddensprei die door de kamerjongen iedere dag in een ander motief werd
gevouwen. De beelden uit mijn cabine gecombineerd met het interieur van het schip geven samen de (sur)realiteit weer van het leven aan boord van een cruise.

Dit is een initiatief van Weekender.


Sheree Rose e.a

19 dec 2016 — 19:00 uur

3 video screenings, georganiseerd door Petros Panagiotis Orfanos.


On invitation by Amsterdam based Kunstenaarsinitiatief Beyoncé, HellFun (Josefin Arnell & Max Göran) made use of the exhibition/space “the Castle” at W139, Amsterdam to make a four hour long public film shoot/event, open for audience to witness (on distance).

A loosely scripted dinner scene was shot at a massive dinner table to generate raw material for HellFun's extended ongoing season: IM IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE.

Specially invited guests like REX LIKE REXT THE DOG & Dr Tomorrow Baby conversing in monlogues directed by the waiters (HellFun). Film star Florentia Holzinger interupts / enters for a very important Q&A followed by: Midnight DELIVERY/Chainsaw Abortion Action.


Josefin Arnell; Barbara Endres; Max Göran; Lukas Heistinger; Florentia Holtzinger; Emilio Martinez; Pedro Herrero; Nikola Knežević; Alicja Nowicz; Mezhgan Saleh; Sophie Serber; Michele Rizzo; Geo Wyeth; Aaron Mclaughlin.



Kirby Dick documented the proud life and lifestyle of cystic fibrosis sufferer Bob Flanagan, the LA writer, performance artist, comic and BDSM celebrity who remained an advocate of the liberating power of consensual S&M throughout his terminal illness. The BBFC required three-and-a-half minutes of cuts in order to classify the film as an 18. Meanwhile, Disney objected to Flanagan’s rewriting of a song from Mary Poppins, ironically instructing him to ‘cease and desist’.



Bob Flanagan and Sheree Rose: ‘Visiting Hours’, exhibition at The New Museum, New York

Date and duration: September 15 - December 31 1994 (00:07:13 min)

Camera: Jack Jaeger, Zapp Magazine's New York correspondent

Editors Zapp Magazine: Rob van de Ven, Corinne Groot, Arnold Mosselman & Jack Jaeger


Extra info:


The world is a lie. How can anyone take themselves seriously? In the year of 2014, J. Arnell and M. Goran met for the first time in a frustrated desert of broken thoughts. Injecting each other with liquid demons they made an indecisive pact with Don Quixote and went on a mission of meaning-making. They needed to create a space far away from socially constructed concepts.Together with love and hate, the desire for wanting to knock purity in the face led HellFun to their mantra and professional slogan: brave and pathetic is better than drowning in shame.                                          

Josefin Arnell just finished a two year residency at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam. Max Göran is based in Berlin, has a background in documentary film and is enrolled in Josephine Pryde´s class at Universität der Künste, Berlin.


Zapp Magazine is an international artmagazine on video.
The ‘videozine’ presents exciting developments in contemporary art
through registrations of shows, performances, artists' video’s, interviews etc..
Every issue offers around 90 minutes of visual information, delivered right at your door!

The content for Zapp is assembled in collaboration with a team of correspondents & friends in New York, Paris, London, Copenhagen a.o. and edited at the editorial home-office in Amsterdam.

Between 1993 and 1999 eleven tapes were released. a # 11 issue is published in May 2007. No need to dust off the old VHS-player, back issues of Zapp Magazine are available on DVD.

Zapp Magazine is distributed directly by Zapp Productions


Kirby Dick is a two time Emmy-award winning and two-time Academy award-nominated documentary film director. His most recent film, THE HUNTING GROUND, a monumental exposé of rape culture on college campuses— premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, was released by Radius/The Weinstein Company and CNN, is the 2016 recipient of the Producer’s Guild of America’s Stanley Kramer Award, shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song. His previous film, THE INVISIBLE WAR, a groundbreaking investigation into the epidemic of rape within the US military, won two Emmy Awards for Best Documentary and Outstanding Investigative Journalism, the 2012 Independent Spirit Award 2012 for Best Documentary, a Peabody Award, and was nominated for an Academy Award. He also directed TWIST OF FAITH, the story of a man confronting the trauma of his past sexual abuse by a Catholic priest, which was also nominated for an Academy Award. Other films include OUTRAGE, nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism; THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED, a breakthrough investigation of the MPAA’s secretive film ratings system; and DERRIDA, a complex portrait of the world-renowned French philosopher Jacques Derrida. He is the 2012 recipient of the Nestor Almendros Prize for Courage and Filmmaking and the 2013 Ridenhour Documentary Film Prize.


Jonas Lund, 'For Preview Only'
West Wednesdays
14 dec 2016 — 18:00 tot 22:00 uur

Deze maand staat West Wednesdays in het teken van Tijd, een verfrissend programma met film en kunst.

West Wednesdays I woensdag 14 december 2016 I 18 - 21 uur I gratis entree

Tour start om 18 uur bij Tetterode en komt rond 20 uur aan in puntWG.  Deuren open en doorlopend programma in Tetterode, de Hallen en puntWG van 18 – 21 uur. 

Bilderdijkstraat 165-B
1053 KP Amsterdam
Open van 18 - 21 uur


Deze West Wednesdays start de tour bij woonwerkpand Tetterode met de LIMA-film 'For Preview Only' van Jonas Lund. Sanneke Huisman (LIMA) die Lund de opdracht gaf tot het maken van dit werk, vertelt over het werk en de totstandkoming ervan.

Er zijn hapjes van Belles Choses.

LIMA heeft een grote collectie met meer dan vijftig jaar aan mediakunst. Maar hoe bekijk je zo'n enorme hoeveelheid aan materiaal? Post Internet-kunstenaar Jonas Lund vond de oplossing. Zijn werk 'For Preview Only' presenteert de hele collectie van LIMA in 24 uur. De kunstenaar downloadde alle 2336 files uit de online catalogus en bracht deze 464 uur aan materiaal samen in een online werk met de lengte van precies een dag.

Hannie Dankbaarpassage
1053 RT Amsterdam
Open van 18 tot 21 uur
De Hallen

Vanaf Tetterode gaat de tour naar De Hallen voor een bezoek aan kunstuitleen | galerie Beeldend Gesproken waar de verkooptentoonstelling 'Het Klein Geluk' te zien is. Tijdloze kunstwerken onder de 100 euro. Curator Asia Kuzmiczow geeft een rondleiding.

Het Cliques et Claques interventieteam zorgt voor verrassend wilde videoprojecties in de Hallen en onderweg.

WG terrein
Nomadisch kunstenaarsinitiatief Kulter. neemt de tour mee op atelierbezoek bij Olga Ganzha op het WG-terrein, waar Olga de installatie 'Want to see my etchings?' toont die bestaat uit ets-printen, objecten en geluiden. Olga geeft een interactieve presentatie die eerder plaatsvond in AGA LAB en Bookstore Project Space in november en december 2016.

WG-plein t/o 80
1054 DM Amsterdam
Open van 18 tot 21 uur

De tour eindigt in puntWG waar Weekender een preview geeft van de tentoonstelling 'Costa Mediterranea' door Annegien van Doorn.

Zodra je een voet aan boord zet van een cruiseschip, stap je een parallelle wereld binnen. Echter, voordat je die stap mag nemen, wordt er met een soort scanner een foto van je gemaakt; alsof je echte 'ik' achter moet blijven en alleen je avatar het schip mag betreden. De expositie 'Costa Mediterranea' geeft de (sur)realiteit weer van het leven aan boord van een cruise.

In puntWG serveert Belles Choses tijdloze borrelhapjes en drankjes.


Over West Wednesdays

West Wednesdays is een alliantie van kunstinstellingen en -initiatieven in Amsterdam West | het Hallenkwartier. Iedere tweede woensdag van de maand openen wij van 18 tot 21 uur onze deuren met extra programma in de Hallen, in woonwerkpand Tetterode, op het WG-terrein en op straat; individueel en in samenwerking, voor een breed publiek en in alle mogelijke kunstdisciplines.

Ear On Arm Suspension (2012), Stelarc
Performance registration screening
Stelarc, Lydia Schouten, Yann Marussich, VestAndPage, Peter Weibel, Sands Murray-Wassink
12 dec 2016 — 19:00 uur

Een screening van performance registraties, georganiseerd door Petros Panagiotis Orfanos:

Stelarc's Ear On Arm Suspension (2012)

Lydia Schouten's I feel like boiled milk (fragment, 1980); Smile Performance (fragment, 1979) and Sexobject (fragment, 1979)

VestAndPage, DYAD IX (OPEN & CLOSED). Video excerpt from the 15-hour performance as part of ‘’DYAD’’, performance cycle in 9 parts. (Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow, 2015. Courtesy the artists).

Yann Marussich's Bain Brisé (2010)

Sands Murray-Wassink's Town Hall Philosophical Living Color Drawing'' (2008 Schlachthaus Theatre, Bern, Switzerland)

Peter Weibel's Wiener Aktionismus, teil 1 (1976) and teil 2 (1976)


Stelarc's Ear On Arm Suspension (2012):

Credits for the video are- Video by John Doggett-Williams...

Photographer: Polixeni Papapetrou

Peter Weibel's Wiener Aktionismus, teil 1 (1976) and teil 2 (1976), with thanks to de Appel arts centre and LIMA

“Dürer incognito II” © mmc schobbe
MMC Schobbe
3 t/m 11 dec 2016

Verder te bezoeken op zo 4 en 6 t/m 11 dec tussen 14.00 en 18.00 uur.

Een serie uitgesneden tekeningen die geïnspireerd zijn op schetsen van Albrecht Dürer en Leonardo da Vinci is de leidraad van deze solotentoonstelling van MMC Schobbe. Deze sterk 3-dimensionaal ogende tekeningen, die als objecten op de muur aanwezig zijn, gaan een relatie aan met de ruimte en met elkaar. Een speciaal voor deze presentatie gemaakte (licht) installatie zal de relatie leggen naar eerdere tentoonstellingen.

Over de kunstenaar

MMC Schobbe creëert architectonische ruimten met vlakke en 3-dimensionale wandobjecten. Zij speelt met onze waarneming van licht, maat, verhoudingen en ruimte, wat kan leiden tot vragen omtrent de waarheid en de werkelijkheid. Haar werk, hoe klein ook, heeft altijd een monumentale uitstraling. Zij speelt een lyrisch spel met ogenschijnlijk strenge figuren.

Het streven in haar kunst omschrijft zij met een citaat van de schrijver Gustave Flaubert: “Wat mij in de kunst het hoogste (en het moeilijkste) lijkt, is niet het publiek een lach of een traan te ontlokken, noch het bronstig te maken ofwel tot razernij te brengen, maar het tot mijmeren te brengen, zoals de natuur dat doet.”

Schobbe verkoopt haar werk en realiseert opdrachten ook in het kader van haar micromecenaat-project. Lees ook haar antwoord op Een Vraag ...