Am I, an Object
Benjamin Francis
6 t/m 21 apr 2024
Opening: zaterdag 6 apr 2024 — 17:00 tot 20:00 uur

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

With the film project "Am I, an object," artist Benjamin Francis delves into the blurring boundaries between the body and the object. The project takes place place in a funeral home wherin he explores subjects such as funeral care, death rituals, and the hierarchical relationship between the artist and his sculpture. The film employs satire, humorously questioning concepts such as authorship, originality, and value.

During the film, two performers are presented as sculptures, their bodies manipulated and moved by the artists. But conflict arises when discussions emerge about who is the most original - the artist or his creation?

While performing as art sculptures, the performers will present texts based on lyrics of funeral hymns. The lyrics are constructed through errors occurring in mistranslations to English and through disparities between English and non-English language hymns. Francis found this process of lyric-making significant as it questions meaning-making and authenticity. What does it mean for something to be original? When we think of mourning processes and discussions of death, we often insist on stressing the departed’s individuality, what makes them special, one of a kind.

Supporting actors:
Frank van der Burg, Iris van Elshuis, Maureen van Elshuis, Karin Toole, Bojan Fajfric, Patrick Teixeira, Maritte Joseph, Misty Super-De-Luxe, Lizzy, Zazi Creijghton.
Video DOP:
Photographer/Light assistant: @gingerhorn
Sound recording: @ossip_blits
Runner/Producer: @beyondtheblinds

Production: @ewan_mcsorley
Make up: @carmelitasart
Hair: @zynwalahair
Special thanks @abcndstore for the Jewelry
and @museumtotzover for lending me an art piece

Colorist: @jacob.creach
Sound Design: @dennis.wav
Editor: kdanielwalwin

Graphic design: @createbylaw
Voiceover: @_sarjon_
Introduction text @stefhulskamp


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