Angles Morts
Kyulim Kim and Andoni Zamora
8 t/m 23 jul 2023
Opening: vrijdag 7 jul 2023 — 18:00 tot 21:00 uur

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

Angles Morts is an exhibition by Kyulim Kim and Andoni Zamora. In this exhibition, Kyulim Kim and Andoni Zamora present works that redraw an unseen space, where they have no clear governance or frame.

By exploring the micro and macro aspects of "empty spaces," Kyulim Kim will track the notion of "empty space" as an area we are not aware of, not only in terms of land but also in terms of air as a space in itself. Kyulim starts from researching particulate matter through the lenses of different sensors and cameras. Andoni Zamora proposes to open a threshold for revisiting hidden spaces within the city of Amsterdam. Through performances and staged interactions performed between two people in urban gray areas, he seeks to find a memory from which to walk through the city. He traverses various locations and reimagines their stories, aiming to find the continuities and interconnections across distinct spaces throughout the city.

("Angles morts" refers to an area in your range of vision that you cannot see properly but which you should be able to see. For example, when driving a car, the area just behind your shoulders is often a blind spot.)

Exhibition open Tuesdays-Sundays 2pm-6pm 


Sunday Talking:  A conversation between the artists and Lua Vollard
9th July, 5pm-6pm
Free entry, prosecco and snacks provided
At this event, artists Andoni Zamora and Kyulim Kim will stage a reading of some of references in relation to the exhibition Angles Morts. Lua Vollaard will kick off with a reading of speculative city ordinances, invited especially for this exhibition. The artists will then read excerpts from reference material in relation to their presented works.

Text by Lua Vollaard
Graphic design by Victoria Allakhverdyan
Funded by Mondriaan Fonds, AFK, Amarte Fonds

Photography by Ilya Rabinovich