A House For The Un-Known
Maga Berr
10 till 12 Jan 2020
Opening: Saturday 11 Jan 2020 — 16:30 till 21:00 hrs

Artist talk and debate: 11 Jan 2020, 16:00-18:00.

During these three days, the artist will reflect on her project “A House For The Un-Known,” which was developed in Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro during the year 2019. For this project she worked on the question: how do we live together in the urban context? This question led to the exploration of urban space, human and power relations, and of urban cultures. These observations made very visible a diversity of vulnerabilities within the urban construct, both in urban housing but also of the body within the city. As some social groups are more vulnerable than others, their body becomes more vulnerable as well.

The project explored how vulnerability is manifested and how could it be expressed through sculptural work, and other mediums. The pop culture of the city becomes a material for exploring performance. A collaboration with a Bijlmer rap artist is in  process as well as with urban dwellers.

A debate will take place after the artist talk on 11 January . The main question will be: how do we experience our living together with each other in the city? How is multicultural diversity treated within the gentrification processes? But also, how art can search for ways to live together? 

A diverse group of stakeholders of urban living is very welcome to participate of this talk and debate. Scientists, artists, architects, urban dwellers in general: feel welcome!

The project was possible to realise thanks to the support of the Mondriaan Fund and the Stichting Stokroos.

For more information about the artist: magaberr.net