puntWG is a project space and platform for the arts, covering various disciplines. It offers a lively program of exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures and discussions.
puntWG is located on the premises of the former hospital Wilhelmina Gasthuis in Amsterdam West, which now hosts 120 artists’ studios. puntWG is part of Foundation atelierWG and is supported financially by the artists of atelierWG.

Since 2012 the artistic program of puntWG has been developed for an important part by artists/curators. They are responsible for the four-week exhibitions. These artists and curators are selected by team puntWG, a group of artists who plan the year- round program of puntWG. Selection is based on artistic quality and the conviction that the artists/curators can bring together and inspire a group of artists; the artists/curators are given carte blanche for their project. The curator program generates a diverse and substantial audience and creates a lively exchange among artists and public.
Curators were (among others): Arnout Killian, Martin C de Waal, Yvonne Dröge Wendel, Jelle Kampen, Anna Volvoka, Harm van den Berg, Frank Mandersloot, Noa Giniger, Maarten Berteux.

Short term exhibitions
The curator exhibitions are alternated with short term solo presentations by artists of atelierWG, and with presentations by emerging as well as more established artists from the Netherlands and abroad. These exhibitions last from a few days to two weeks.

Other activities
In between exhibitions there are various other activities, such as:
- Performances, film screenings, music- and dance performances and book presentations.
- Projects in collaboration with art academies and art platforms.
- Open Studios: twice a year, on the occasion of the Open Studios of artists affiliated with atelierWG, puntWG is the location from where the Open Studio tour starts. puntWG offers a lunch and hosts a parallel program.
- The WG premises are an ideal location for (temporary) work in the public space - autonomous and/or applied work.

Organisation en programming of puntWG:

Team puntWG: Noa Giniger, Frank Mandersloot, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Michelle Son and Maaike Anne Stevens.

Open Ateliers :Joop Haring,  Web Editor: Nicholas Burman
Textreditor: Dineke Blom

PuntWG can be booked for various presentations. If you are interested please contact puntWG via the contactform or send an email to  puntwg(ad) atelierwg.nl


By collaborating  with curators, puntWG vouches for quality and diversity. These curator exhibitions run for five weeks on average and are alternated with presentations that run for shorter periods, and with festivals that combine different presentation models.
puntWG aims to initiate dialogues on visual art among artists and audiences. Curators and artists work on location – during the installation of the exhibition the doors are open – so that passersby can engage in a conversation with the artist. During the exhibition the artist is present in puntWG and this engagement with the visitors of the exhibition can offer new insights to artist and viewer.

Opening hours

puntWG is open on weekends from   14.00 tot 18.00 hrs and extra opening hours as shown  in the above item.

And also by appointment

Wanted: volunteers!

puntWG is looking for volunteers to help out as handyman, text writer or photographer and with the coordination of various projects. Please contact us if you are interested. puntwg@atelierwg.nl

Support puntWG with a donation.