puntWG is a projectspace for contemporary art in Amsterdam West. Situated in the former hospital Wilhelmina Gasthuis, built in 1891, puntWG is part of the Foundation atelierWG, which facilitates the residency programme airWG as well as the artist-run exhibition space puntWG. 

The WG community and the WG Foundation is one of the largest artist colonies in Amsterdam. Since 1984, the community has expanded to host 120 artist studios and in 2006, a group of WG artists established puntWG as a project space for artistic activity.

puntWG offers artists a space for experimentation and collaboration. We see puntWG as an opportunity for invited artists to temporarily own the space, with a sense of freedom and responsibility, to give form to their own programme and make contact with the public. We strive to create programs that have an inclusive character by hosting both emerging and more established artists. 

Each year, we put out an open call and select artist based on a thorough selection process that addresses not only the quality of the work, but also the artists' ambitions for using the space to reach an audience. In addition to the Open Call, puntWG reserves space for short term presentations such as performances, film screenings, lectures, or book presentations.

The puntWG team has consisted of:

2016-2018: Noa Giniger, Anna Volkova, Vincent Vulsma and Frank Mandersloot

2018-2023: Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Michelle Son, Maaike Anne Stevens, Lily Lanfermeijer and Mila Lanfermeijer

Current organisation and programming of puntWG:

Board Members:
Voorzitter: Erik van Orsouw
Penningmeester: Trudy Kragtwijk
Secretaris: Harm van den Berg
Algemene leden: Noa Giniger, Antoinette Nausikaä

Team puntWG: Smári Rúnar Róbertsson, Nína Harra, Susan Kooi, Julia Da Dee Hong, Lily Lanfermeijer

Open Ateliers: Joop Haring
Web Editor: Oriana Rose
Texteditor: Dineke Blom