Shane’s Ear
Jacob Dwyer, Mike Pratt
31 Mar till 22 Apr 2018

Shane’s Ear is a collaborative exhibition by Jacob Dwyer and Mike Pratt. In 2017 the artists produced a duo exhibition at BALTIC 39 (UK), in which Pratt responded to Dwyer’s 30 minute single channel film, DAT LIKWID LAND and produced a series of sculptures. These sculptures operated as water fountains, turning ‘on’ and ‘off' in relation to the duration of the film. As their status transformed through time, questions of activation and illustration arose. At puntWG the artists hope to explore these questions further in relation to Jacob's new video work,  Troy (2018)

The exhibition is open from  Saturdays and Sundays from 14 to 18 hrs.

On the artists

Jacob Dwyer (1988 London) is based in Amsterdam. He has completed a Master’s in Experimental Film at Kingston University and a residency at De Ateliers. His work has been shown in art spaces and film festivals, including IFFR (Rotterdam), IDFA (Amsterdam), Good Children (New Orleans) and Galerie Juliette Jongma (Amsterdam).

Mike Pratt (b. 1987) Newcastle, UK. Selected shows: ‘I Sat by the Pond, Feeling Glad’, Baltic 39 (Newcastle, UK). ‘A Deeper Pond’ Juliette Jongma gallery (Amsterdam NL). ‘Love Songs Dedicated to the Back of Someone’s Head’, Workplace gallery (Gateshead UK). ‘The Meeting of Two Eyebrows’, Workplace gallery (London UK). ‘Offspring’, De Ateliers (Amsterdam NL). ‘Cumberland Sausage’, Extraspatzio Gallery (Rome IT).

UNHEARD (2016)Installation by Tao G. Vrhovec SambolecMicrophone, clock, custom made software.variable dimensionsPhoto credits: Dejan Habicht
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec
28 till 29 Apr 2018

Will be open:
Saturday 28-4-2018, 17:00 – 20:00
Sunday 29-4-2018, 12:00 – 17:00

Installation UNHEARD consists of a microphone, a clock and custom made software that resets the clock to zero every time it detects a sudden peak in loudness of the sonic ambiance of the place where it is installed. Listening to the ambient sound and displaying the passing of clocked time in-between occurring auditory events, the installation articulates the relation between the measured time and the time as it is being experienced.

This setting invites the visitors to focus on listening along and to explore their own margins of hearing and attention, while it is suggesting a shadow temporality unfolding in the intertwining zone between the representation and the experience of the passing of time.

On the artist

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec works with invisible ephemeral phenomena and the notion of space. His artistic practice is a poetic exploration of relationships between transitory and temporal flows like sound and weather phenomena and architectural and social spaces they inhabit.

In his installations, he builds an environment sensitive to its immediate ephemeral surroundings, and enhances its temporal dimension by creating situations where the outside and inside, the unpredictable and constructed, the permanent and temporal converse. His works encompass interdisciplinary and mixed media installations, sound interventions and electro acoustic music.

Unheard is a part of artistic research project Rhythms of Presence, carried out under the
Norwegian Artistic Research Programme at Bergen Academy of Art and Design -  Norway.

Co-produced by:

Zavod SPLOH, Ljubljana

Zavod Projekt Atol, Ljubljana

Supported by:

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

City of Ljubljana – Dept. for Culture - Slovenia

Constructions, Material: Video still, Artist: Pernille Lonstrup
Stories from a Black Hole
Phil Bosch and Pernille Lonstrup
12 May till 3 Jun 2018

Open 12th May, 13th May, 19th and 20th May, 26th and 27th May, 2th and 3th June

The exhibition of Phil Bosch and Pernille Lonstrup is based around the juxtaposition of their different works in which they explore the state/status of civilization. Leading question for the artists is whether the works can be placed before civilization or after its collapse?

In addition to the exhibition, the two artists will continue to explore this notion of knowledge and civilization, as an imaginary construction. By setting up three public events, where artists, philosophers and scientists are invited to investigate how the western mind has been shaped into our current notion of what civilization is and how it might be de-conditioned.


Event one: panel disussion - ‘Culture <-> Nature’  19 May 17-19:00
Eva Meijer
Sissel Marie Tonn
Niek Speetjens
Bernice Bovenkerk

Event two:  panel disussion Black Holes & The Notion of the Self 26 May 17-19:00
Koen Aartsen
Simon Fisher
Emilio Moreno
Renée van Trier

Pernille Lonstrup

Event three:  Performance - Sensorial Explorations
3 June 17-19:00
Phil Bosch
Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen

The exhibition and public program is supported by:


Stichting Stokroos

Australian Government Regional Arts Fund, Regional Arts Victoria.

On the artists

Phil Bosch works with sensorial explorations through video, she explores a space that exists between image and language, reflecting upon established meanings and what is left when these meanings are abandoned. Bosch works as an archaeologist in her video, digging out the invisible evidence, that history will not be able categorize.

Pernille Lonstrup’s work makes blind spots/gaps visible in communication, that a system of language would neglect. She focuses in her work on a societal system’s ability to listen and understand, what is not a common norm within the system itself. Lonstrup works as a linguist, where her work leads to an absurd drama in which codes and sign of a common regime constantly transform.          

Language and image are said to be at the basis of human civilization. Bosch and Lonstrup want to explore how this idea has shaped the status of our current civilization, if this status is an imaginary construction. They wish do so through their different approaches and working methodology; Bosch’s working is rooted in image and Lonstrup’s working is rooted in language.

The two artists are planning the exhibition around their two most recent video works ‘Telluric 0’ en ‘Constructions’. 

Pei-Ying Lin
9 till 10 Jun 2018

Currently an artist in resident with 3Package Deal with AirWG, Waag Society, Mediamatic, and Vrije Universiteit, Pei-Ying Lin has been expanding her interests in bacteria, viruses and biology during her residency at airWG.

This exhibition is an introduction to Lin's concept of 'virophilia': a love of viruses.

The exhibition will utilise graphics and text in order to preview Lin's upcoming cookbook project. This cookbook, featuring recipes, futuristic food aesthetics, new (virus) farming/economy systems, gastronomy rituals and a toolkit for inventing, will be aiming to make readers look positively on viruses and their roles in our world.

After this, you will become a 'virophiliac'.

You can find more information about the airWG program on the  website.

Pei-Ying Lin

The artist Pei-Ying Lin is our resident artist from November 2017 till August 2018.

On the artist

Pei-Ying Lin is a bio-art designer and artist from Taiwan, who is spending nine months at AirWG, as part of the AFK Amsterdam Fund for the Arts programme for outstanding international talent. Her work focuses on combining science and human society through artistic methods, looking for common ground in different cultural perspectives shaping individual perceptions of the world. During her Amsterdam residency she is working on a project in collaboration with Mediamatic, De Waag & University of Amsterdam.

Pei-Ying received a Bachelor of Science from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, and a Master of Arts at Royal College of Art, London. She is the founder of Taiwanese BioArt Community.

Faux Syrup Angel
Lily & Mila Lanfermeijer
16 Jun till 9 Jul 2018

Next to their individual practices Mila & Lily Lanfermeijer have been collaborating on several projects since 2014. Their practices seem to overlap in the fact that they deal with questions regarding the relationship between the usable and the autonomous object and ideas circling around (shared) authorship.

The Reclining Nude Series (2014) was the first collaborative series in which they combined techniques of knotting and basket making to create a series of hanging sculptures that draw comparison between the household form of the vase and the image of a resting female body in classical painting. Since 2015 they have collaborated on The Studio Dinners (2015) and RAATKAAKAANAA (2017) to question the exhibition as a form and to create an alternative environment to the classical setting in which art is often shown. Completed works, works in progress and objects created for the purpose of a dinner (table cloths, vases and flower arrangements) would make up the environment for the meeting of people. 

During their exhibition at puntWG they will elaborate on these previous events and use them as a base for the creation of new works. An installation consisting of several textile works, pieces of furniture, edible and sculptural works will draw inspiration from concepts like ergonomics and modern folklore in which different processes of transmission, in material, verbal or customary form will be the point of departure. The displayed pieces will change in form and function over the duration of the exhibition.

 This exhibition is generously supported by the AFK.

To Contaminate Is To Care
Jesse Ahlers, Cecilia Bengtsson Judith Jansen
3 till 25 Mar 2018

'To contaminate is to care' is a collaboration experiment which opposes individualistic practice and exhibition making and is a material trialogue of affect and mutation between the artists, the materials and the space.

During the exhibition PuntWG functions as a social and experimental space in which the work of the artists will continuously develop. The space is open for visitors from March 4-25, Wed-Sun 12-5pm.


Saturday March 3 at 5 pm

'Perspectives on contamination'
double lecture with cultural philosopher Gijs van Oenen and forensic biologist Ate Kloosterman, moderator: Lukas Verburgt
Saturday March 17 at 8 pm

 Finnisage with artist talk
moderator: Sher Doruff
Sunday March 25 at 4 pm

On the artists

Jesse Ahlers (NL, 1985) studied fine arts at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht and Artistic Research at the University of Amsterdam / Gerrit Rietveld Academy. She draws, writes, takes and finds photographs, makes installations and works with colour pigments. She exhibited her work in Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, CBK Zuidoost and Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen. In March, she was artist-in-residence at Arquetopia in Puebla, Mexico, with a project

Having a background as a classically trained musician Cecilia Bengtsson (1984) studied Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam and has completed the Artistic Research Master in The Hague. Bengtsson’s work revolves around inter-bodily relations.  She has exhibited in various contexts including Lumen Travo and Lab 111, Teto Projects and STROOM gallery. Cecilia Bengtsson is also a text writer and  teaches at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Judith Jansen (1985) studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, where she graduated from the Research Master in 2012. She currently is a student at DOGtime, Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Her work investigates processes of time and change, the interplay of reality and fiction and the tension between what is made visible and what is kept out of view. She combines digital media with drawing, text and performance into work that is often itself also process-oriented.


Emerging Intra-actions

Karen Barad,  , Cecilia Bengtsson, Judith Jansen, Jesse Ahlers

14 Jan till 25 Feb 2018

Keep posted through the Facebook event of Emerging Intra-actions (Karen Barad reading group)

Reading group dates:

14.01.2017 15.00 – 17.00

04.02.2017 15.00 – 17.00

25.02.2017 15.00 – 17.00

Location: to be announced

Please confirm participation before Wednesday the 10th of January to so we can send you reading materials.

Warm regards,
Punt WG and To Contaminate is to Care

Supported by AFK

Yutaka Makino. Displacement
CANCELLED - DNK-Days 2018: Displacement
Yutaka Makino
18 till 24 Feb 2018

We regret to inform you all that due to illness of the artist the exhibition DNK-Days 2018: Displacement by Yutaka Makino, has unfortunately been cancelled.