UITMELKEN: Harvesting Money

Part of the airWG Series

FOOD OF WAR invites us to an immersive experience, the result of their collaborative work with artists and other local instances during their residency at atelierWG. 


15 till 25 Sep 2023

Part of the airWG Series

Through a diverse collection of works UITMELKEN: Harvesting Money, uncovers the untold stories etched into the very fabric of our food systems, unraveling the threads that connect overproduction, the subtle carbon footprint and the complex dance of ecological balance.

We believe the artistic dialogue to be everchanging and malleable, and so this exhibition will be transformed daily to host newer perspectives. Artworks will be moved, introduced, removed, and introduced to assist in the highlighting of different perspectives.


'FOOD OF WAR operates as an open collective who unravel the complexities behind narratives, traditions and supply-chain of modern day food production through collaborations and encounters. By following trails often overlooked, Food of War subverts narratives of national food and highlights global networks that influence the current status of food culture through availability and absence.'

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Come this Friday from 6 pm, and be part of the experience!!!

Photography by Ilya Rabinovich

Still from Eye as an Oracle, 2023
Eye as an Oracle

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

Through various narratives, the exhibition Eye as an Oracle takes the comparison of the gaze with a projector as a speculative for thinking about image, sight and virtuality.

6 till 22 Oct 2023

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

Bernke Klein Zandvoort is interested in the paramateriality of the gaze. Our gaze belongs to us like a limb does, but when we try to touch it, our hand moves right through – like a magician showing there is no magic involved before starting the trick.  

Although technically our eyes work more like the insensitive sensors of cameras that cannot hold anything, the exhibition Eye as an Oracle presents the gaze as a projector. Klein Zandvoort takes the ancient belief that sight consisted out of rays from our eyes as a speculative for thinking about image, sight and virtuality.

In her fragmented video installation multiple narratives are woven together. A neuroscientific research group explores how predictions facilitate perception, a blind sculptor reproduces her mirror image by touch, a prosthetic eye is being handmade in a lab, and a woman sees phantom images after one of her eyes had to be removed. 

In these various narratives the scientific, speculative and poetic get entwined. In the undercurrent, Klein Zandvoort wonders to what extent we live in a continuous forecast of the future and whether we can regard our perception as a virtual process.


Seeing without sight
Sunday 15th of October 11:30-13:30

What is sight and what could sight be without using your eyes? How do we move when we are not seen? How can we see another person without looking? In this gathering in the dark, guided by a blind and a seeing person, we explore in what other ways sight can be understood.

Mei-Lan Ng is a consciousness coach, artist, surfer, blind and limitlessly curious. She is fascinated by and trained in looking beyond the visible.

Alexandra Jaqcuet creates performative encounters and sensory installations, in which intimacy is explored in many facets.

Max. 10 participants

RSVP via

Artist talk and reading programme
Friday 20th of October 19:30-20:30
(information to follow soon)

The Second the Water Wets Your Face, Reflexes of Your Aquatic Ancestors Kick In

Come lay down your brain and focus on gut feelings during the soft launch of Erica van Loon’s new audio project at puntWG.

9 till 10 Sep 2023

Opening hours: Sat + Sun, 1-6pm and by appointment:

Part of the atelierWG series

Come lay down your brain and focus on gut feelings.

Erica van Loon presents the soft launch of her project The Second the Water Wets Your Face, Reflexes of Your Aquatic Ancestors Kick In, a new audio work developed in collaboration with composer Daniel Steiner.

Relax into a bed large enough to notice from outer space, make new memories, make weightless summersaults and let yourself sink towards a sandy dance floor, with clicking creatures that vibrate your skull.

Teaser of The Second the Water Wets Your Face, Reflexes of Your Aquatic Ancestors Kick In.

For this project Van Loon collaborates with composer Daniel Steiner and had Alix de Massiac as her sparring partner throughout developing the script for the spoken text. Sources for the script were among others conversations Van Loon had with (neuro) anatomist Cindy Cleypool, zoologist Tacyana Oliveira and marine ecologist Maarten de Brauwer.

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September 11.30am—12.30pm (RSVP)
Amplify your senses and join one of two Body Work sessions with performer Stefania Petroula before diving into the audio work. Petroula’s workshop opens up your senses and offers a different bodily state for experiencing The Second the Water Wets Your Face, Reflexes of Your Aquatic Ancestors Kick In.
These workshops are in small groups of 6 participants, so RSVP asap:

The project is generously supported by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Tijl Fonds –Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Mondriaan Fund.

Photos by Erica van Loon

Archiefbeeld Wilhelmina Gasthuis Terrein 1917. Bron: Stadsarchief Amsterdam
Genius Loci: Over de ziel van het Wilhelmina Gasthuis terrein

Part of the atelierWG Series

By blending the past with the present, artists Lotte van Geijn and Antoinette Nausikaä explore the unique history of the WG-terrain, offering viewers a fresh perspective on the harmonious blend of culture, nature, and timelessness in this exceptional Amsterdam location.

28 Aug till 3 Sep 2023

Part of the atelierWG Series

In this exhibition, artists Lotte van Geijn and Antoinette Nausikaä explore the unique history of the WG-terrain in Amsterdam, formerly known as the Pesthuis and Wilhelmina Gasthuis, now an artists' community since 1984. By blending the past with the present, they offer viewers a fresh perspective on the harmonious blend of culture, nature, and timelessness in this exceptional Amsterdam location.

The concept of "Genius Loci" stems from Roman mythology, meaning "the spirit of a place," serves as a guiding theme. It does not only refer to the protecting spirit of a place it also encompasses its essence and identity, reflecting its distinctiveness, natural surroundings, historical significance, and cultural heritage. Exploring the "Genius Loci" unveils new perceptions, memories, insights, ideas, and inspiration, enriching the stories and value of the place for the community.

Walnut trees
Lotte van Geijn (NL) is again inspired by the trees on the site, including the research of the Amsterdam city archaeologist Jorgen Veerkamp. At the time of the construction of a parking garage (now under Huygens College) on the former site of “Het Pesthuis” he discovered rhizomes of ancient walnut trees. Many people died during the last severe plague epidemic (1663-1664). The walnut trees were planted around the former “Pesthuis” because of their scent that scares away the flies.

In her installation, Antoinette Nausikaä focuses on the timeless and natural entanglement between humans and their environment. Alongside the exhibition she organizes a Contemplative Walk across the WG grounds in which she invites participants to embrace their everyday surroundings with an open and observing gaze. Aiming to explore, within the silence and wonder, a renewed connection with it.

Open Lab
From 28 August to 2 September puntWG will serve as an Open Lab for research.
The presentation / Opening will be held on Saturday 2 September 17:00 - 19:00
Opening hours: Thursdays-Sundays 14:00-18:00 and by appointment

Contemplative Walk by Antoinette Nausikaä
Sunday 3 September 10:00 - 11:30
Max 12 participants
You can register for the walk via

Open Call for 2024 Programme

Open call for the puntWG 2024 programme

26 Jun till 31 Aug 2023

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

atelierWG Foundation is offering artists the opportunity to present new projects at puntWG. This initiative serves as a platform to stimulate dialogue between artists and their work, and as a meeting place for communities to share ideas and knowledge. Selected proposals will be based on artists who have an interest in presenting work through collaboration and interaction with each other and the public. Alongside showing new work, proposals with an active public program that includes artist talks, performances, screenings or lectures are encouraged. Selected artists will host an exhibition and public program over a four week period. This call is not intended for curated group exhibitions or exhibitions that have previously been shown in other spaces.


The organisation of both puntWG and Foundation atelierWG almost fully depends on volunteers. While we provide the use of the space, basic equipment and professional photo documentation, selected artists are responsible for the installation and deinstallation of their shows, as well as invigilation. All exhibitions and side programmes will be shared on our website and Instagram page. To further aid the realisation of each exhibition, puntWG will issue successful applicants with acceptance letters for external funding applications. 

You can find the puntWG floor plan HERE.

 Application guidelines: 

Please send ONE pdf (max 10 mb) which includes the following documents in your email  submission. (Please do not include text in the body of your email as part of your application):

  •       Full name, date and place of birth, postal address, phone number, e-mail and website
  •       CV, max two A4 pages per participating artist
  •       A proposal (max. 250 words) that includes a description of your exhibition and the public programme. Please be concise.
  •       A short motivation for showing at puntWG. 
  •       A maximum of ten supporting images or links to moving image, sound, or performance pieces, (max. 5 mins each) for each participating artist. Please do not send website links. 
  •       Indicate your preferred months for the exhibition and the times when you are not available. The more accurate you are, the better we can organise the calendar.

. Indicate if you at the time of this application have already (partly) secured funding for the exhibition.

- In the case of larger group projects, please indicate which artists have confirmed their participation

Proposals to be emailed to

The submission deadline is 31 August 2023

All recipients will be notified before 31 October 2023

For general information and questions regarding puntWG, contact: 

Organization and programming of puntWG: Michelle Son, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Lily Lanfermeijer and Giovanni Giaretta 


Following the relocation of the hospital Wilhelmina Gasthuis in 1984, now the AMC – Academic Medical Center – artists, small business owners and residents have shaped and preserved the unique character and special site of WG in Amsterdam. Today a large number of artists are living and working on the grounds, including those who are part of atelierWG (in Pavilions 18 and 19).

Established in 1989, AtelierWG Foundation houses 120 artists studios as well as initiating projects in the fields of art and culture, including international exchanges and Open Studio routes.

In 2006, puntWG was created as an interdisciplinary exhibition space and platform for the arts, with a lively program of exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures and discussions with the aim of initiating an open and broad discourse between artists and the public. PuntWG was initiated by the artists of atelierWG, who finance the space and organize its programming.

airWG, an artist-in-residence, opened in September 2015, hosting a guest studio for national and international artists with an emphasis on research and collaboration.

Photograph by Ilya Rabinovic, from the exhibition shyplay* by Antje Nestel and Aster Arribas