WG-arches, impression
WG-premises and Surroundings

Ciska Brugemann presents some of her sketches and paintings, inspired by the WG-premises and surroundings.

18 Feb till 9 Mar 2024

Part of the atelierWG Series

Ciska Brugemann presents some of her sketches and paintings, inspired by the WG-premises and surroundings.

For example, a drawing that expresses a reflection on the arches on the WG-premises, now a monument marking the boundary of the former Pesthuis on the WG-territory, one of the buidings of the former Wilhelmina Gasthuis hospital, isolating the rest of the citizens of Amsterdam. This impression was made at the beginning of the COVID-19-pandemic, January 2020, from a window of studio number 25, pavilion 19. And some paintings about the underpass of the Rijksmuseum, happily still free accessible for everyone.
Opening times:
My exhibition is extended up to and including Saturday 9 March 2024.
Daily from 2-6pm
Except Wednesdays: then from 2-4 pm
To be dissolved in the water of memory

To be dissolved in the water of memory is a series of performances dedicated to material imagination, sonic and spatial sensibilities, further contemplating upon life and death, being and becoming.

9 till 11 Feb 2024

within and without,
whose form is elemental,
whose form is internal.
flowing, falling
to be dissolved in the water of memory

A series of performances dedicated to material imagination, sonic and spatial sensibilities, further contemplating upon life and death, being and becoming.

Performance at 14:00 and 16:00, 10 February
Finissage Performance at 15:00 and 19:00, and Performance by Qihang Li at 20:00, 11 February

Phototgraphy by Ilya Rabonovich

CALL: Artists of atelierWG to present at puntWG in 2024

CALL: Artists of atelierWG to present at puntWG in 2024

5 till 31 Dec 2023

Part of the atelierWG Series

Dear artists of atelierWG,

We, the atelierWG team (Jacob, Ciska and Hans), invite you to submit proposals to organise an exhibition or presentation at puntWG, in the period of February - December 2024.

Exhibitions/presentations can last for either one or two weeks. We have limited time slots but will try our utmost to accommodate as many as possible. Please be aware that atelierWG's time slots are reserved for tenants of studio’s on the WG-premises. However, you can present your event together with artists from within or outside the WG-Community. We’re especially interested in internal collaborations.

We encourage proposals with an active public program or moment beyond the opening. This could take any form: talk, performance, workshop, ceremony, a garden lecture, a tour walk in the surrounding area, an exhibition inspired by the WG-energy transition with tour, you name it. This is not a requirement but we hope it will nurture a social aspect to our program and the studios in general.

Because atelierWG will celebrate it’s 40th birthday in 2024, we would like to make a special group exhibition with works that respond in some way, shape or form to the premises or the history of atelierWG. If you’re specifically interested to participate in this exhibition, please specify by stating “WG-PREMISES 2024” in the subject line of your email.


Please send ONE pdf (max 10 mb) (Please do not include text in the body of your email):

  • Full name
  • Studio and pavilion number.
  • A proposal (max. 250 words) that includes a description of your exhibition and the public programme. Please be concise.
  • A maximum of ten images or links to moving image, sound, or performance pieces, (max. 5 min’s each) for each participating artist. Please do not send websites.
  • Please indicate your preferred time slots for the exhibition (in order of preference). If there are any that you cannot do, please state.

Time slots 2024:

  • 16th - 29th January
  • 11th - 26th February
  • 27th February - 11th March
  • 4th - 10th June (1 week)
  • 23rd July - 12th August (3 weeks)
  • 24th September - 7th October
  • 3rd December - 12th December (1 week)

The submission deadline is 31st December 2023.

All recipients will be notified before 14th January 2024.


The organisation of both puntWG and Foundation atelierWG almost fully depends on volunteers, atelierWG Foundation provides artists with an open platform to realise their projects at puntWG. This includes the use of the space and basic equipment. Additionally all exhibitions and side programmes will be shared on our website and Instagram page. To further aid the realisation of each exhibition, puntWG’s team will issue acceptance letters to support their applications for external funding.

For general information and questions regarding puntWG, contact the atelierWG team:

Organisation and programming team atelierWG Series, 

Jacob Dwyer, Ciska Brugemann, Hans den Hartog Jager

Ryotaro Fuyuki, artist in residence at atelierWG, will present a new work "Tag" produced during his stay at airWG.


15 till 24 Dec 2023

Part of the airWG Series

Ryotaro Fuyuki, artist in residence at atelierWG, will present a new work "Tag" produced during his stay at airWG.
For example, “collecting,” “comparing,” and “owning” are essential. On the other hand, they are embedded and placed within constructed institutions and cultures. What I find interesting is that the more complete the allegory and the more well-crafted the institutional system, the more cleverly it is concealed as an invisible ideology. And unless we perceive them with our physical senses, which can only recognize them as “atmosphere,” we will overlook them.

I take off the tag in the process of making the work. Or I try to give it another frame.

More info:

puntWG will be open 16-24 December 14:00-18:00 each day, except Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Photography by Ilya Rabinovich


Part of the atelierWG Series

 The stillness of light

5 till 12 Dec 2023

There is no opening for this exhibition, but rather a finissage:

Finissage: Sunday 10 December 2023, 14:00 tot 18:00

Part of the atelierWG Series

Maarten Welbergen,

Time came to a halt

This project I specially present in puntWG is about light and stillness.
How do you catch the moment to suggest timelessness?
An object exists by the grace of light who creates its shadow.
When there is only darkness, you distinguish nothing,
but if there is only light, you don’t observe anything.
Because of this interplay we learn and experience the world around us.
My fascination with this phenomenon started when my eye was caught by
the shadows on walls and doors.
These shadows tell you something about the time of day,
but it also calls the emotions into action.
At the same time, it is an almost tactile experience of warm and cold,
of melancholy and lust for life, of positive and negative.