I Am Inside Who I Was

Danae Io, Bin Koh and Alice dos Reis address and rupture the Western notion of 'separability' through their collaboration, friendship, and a close look at pomegranate fruit.

18 till 27 Feb 2022

Exhibition: 18-20 and 25-27 February


‘I am inside who I was’

eating seeds, counting seeds, breaking seeds,

exchanging seeds, scattering seeds,

write it out with your fingers, etch

it swiping your tips in red 

juice, let your clothes drink

what was left from the talking, the counting, the touching


I ate the hills. 


beads mark time, 

they come out loose

beads mark time

they scrap the counting

I ate the hills. 


‘I am inside who I was’ is an exhibition by artists Alice dos Reis, Bin Koh and Danae Io. Together they have produced new works after a short residency in the PuntWG space. The exhibition is part of a collaborative process to address what Denise Ferreira da Silva calls ‘separability’, the western epistemological principle that considers the social as a whole constituted of formally separate parts. Through their encounters the artists have looked at the pomegranate fruit as a structure that holds the many, a symbol of both fertility and anti-fertility, a link between the world above and under, a refusal of dichotomies by being in between or both. In their process they attempt to rupture separability through their collaboration and friendship.

Presentaties van Enkele Nieuwe Huurders atelierWG

Presentations by some new tenants at AtelierWG

22 Dec 2021 till 9 Jan 2022

In PuntWG (and online via vimeo)


Harm van den Berg

Emergent: beyond form and content, tekeningen

Marieke Zwart

Window, pasteltekeningen

Jasper Coppes

film Aasivissuit (online via vimeo)

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec

publicatie project 0.004 Hz


Screening of Jasper Coppes' film Aasivissuit (2019, Length 23'39") on the evening of Sunday 9 January 2022

Aasivissuit is an area of great cultural value (UNESCO World Heritage) where the people of Greenland live.

The film wants to make us reconsider this landscape, in order to make palpable how deep layers of the earth are connected to distant shores; how past, present and the future melt together; and how humans and non-human beings live together and adapt themselves to the changing environment.

Director Jasper Coppes introduces his film, and afterwards the audience can ask questions.

 20:00 Introduction to the film by Jasper Coppes

20:10 Screening of Aasivissuit via vimeo

20:35 Conversation with the audience

21:00 End


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http://www.malupeeters.org/aasivissuit-2020-experimental-documentary-with-JASPER-COPPESContact information: www.jaspercoppes.com


Harm van den Berg

Harm van den Berg investigates the concepts of complexity and emergence in a multidisciplinary manner. In addition to drawing, he constructs spaces and landscapes in sound. His work is shown at Museum De Paviljoens, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst (NIMk), Galeria Klovicevi in Zagreb, Crossing Border Festival, Zoo Gallery in Nantes, W139, Arti et Amicitiae, Goethe-Institut and AC Institute in New York City.

Contact information: info@harmvandenberg.nl,  +31 6 2497 87



For everyone's safety, visitors are obliged to comply with the current COVID-19 rules, including: max. 4 visitors at the same time, wearing a facemask, keeping 1.5 m distance from others, disinfecting hands on arrival, QR code, etc.

Love revealed, or how to keep all this warmth at bay

Violeta Paez reworks familiar stories that contain hidden narratives that survive over the course of centuries.

Curator: Àngels Miralda
10 till 20 Dec 2021

10th-20th December; open Thursday-Sunday from 2-5pm.

Time is a relative experience. It speeds up as we grow older. It can pass by in the flutter of an eye, or a moment can last for hours when subject to great intensity. A story written down thousands of years ago can bring out our deep connectedness to the past and those who will live a hundred years from now. Violeta Paez reworks familiar stories that contain hidden narratives that survive over the course of centuries with a particular focus on the relation between queerness and legibility. To retell mythological tales today is to unveil things hidden in plain sight. Darkness is a space of the unknown, the warmth of night and the cold of winter. Between visibility and invisibility, works, bodies, and spaces in Paez’s work are composed of gestures that unearth lost and fantasized queer stories.

 Love revealed,

         Or how to keep all this warmth at bay

Includes new works made of wax, metal, and various other materials along with performative interventions around the theme of monstrosity and corporeality. Violeta Paez’ new work is a speculative fiction that happens through performance, writing, and sculpture. Events will punctuate the duration of the exhibition at announced times. A publication of writings will accompany the exhibition, published by attempt press.

Time Encircled: Rody Luton — exhibition & book launch

New paintings and photoworks by Rody Luton, exhibited on the occasion of the publication of her monograph Rody Luton. Time Encircled.

2 till 5 Dec 2021

Open December 2-5, 14:00-17:00

New paintings and photoworks by Rody Luton, exhibited on the occasion of the publication of her monograph Rody Luton. Time Encircled.

PuntWG presents new work by the British/New Zealand visual artist Rody Luton, to mark the publication of her first monograph (2021, published by Jap Sam Books). 

The public book launch of Rody Luton.Time* takes place on Saturday 4 december (15:00). Writer/curator Mark Kremer will have a conversation with Rody Luton. Graphic designer Yvonne van Versendaal will cast her design view on the development of the book.

In addtion to Rody Luton’s new paintings puntWG present a number of ‘photoworks’, which will be available for sale, in a special edition (series of 10 prints, signed and numbered by the artist). In puntWG the newly published book of Rody Luton will also be sold, copies of which the artist will gladly sign. 

Rody Luton, born in England and grown up in New Zeeland has her studio in Amsterdam since the mid-1980s. She has a background in both visual arts and anthropology, which is reflected in much of her work, embracing both elements of nature and cultural imagery as sources.

The book Rody Luton.Time Encircled was published in the autumn of 2021 by Jap Sam Books*. The monograph presents the work of Rody Luton in its diversity: painting, drawing photography and mixed media. In addition to 120 art works, the book presents writings and sketchbooks, with an introductory text by curator and art writer Mark Kremer. Graphic design is by Yvonne van Versendaal.

*Rody Luton.Time Encircled. ISBN 978-94-92852-42-7. Hardcover. 144 pp. 20,5 x 26 cm. Price: € 32.- Available from the artist (contact@rodyluton.com), Jap Sam Books or bookshops.




Piotr Urbaniec asks Justyna Górowska, where does all the puddle and rainwater go?

13 till 28 Nov 2021
Saturday & Sunday, 14:00 - 18:00

During my stay in Amsterdam for over three years, I always felt a childlike excitement when there was heavy rain. The city is flat; there are a lot of old roads that gather the rain in their irregularities. Once, on my way to the studio, a car splashed me. I was soaked. It was a weird experience; at first I was angry and went to find the driver. He said, “I'm sorry”, but I knew he did it on purpose. On Google, I discovered that splashing someone is a crime but that if the driver says “sorry” you can't take him or her to court. Then I flipped my perspective and started thinking that being splashed was actually an abject, melancholic experience. On my return to Amsterdam, I wanted to get splashed again from a puddle, but somehow in October there was not as much rain as usual, there were not enough puddles... Now, I'm asking Justyna where all the water goes.

This project is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Adam Mickiewicz Institute. This year Piotr Urbaniec is supported by Mondriaan Fonds.

Photo documentation by Ilya Rabinovich.