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Jump into green, look through keyholes & add a flower!

24 Dec 2022 till 12 Jan 2023

Artist talk and Finnisage: Wednesday 11 January 2023,  20:00-22:00

Open daily: 24 December 2022 till 12 January 2023, 14:00 - 18:00 & by appointment

Jump into green, look through keyholes & add a flower!

Welcome to selected proofs of 30 years working in the Netherlands: drawing, painting, video, stones & one work to take part in...

In hundreds of very small, or very huge drawings Hermelinde Hergenhahn explores human hopes and fears, with relentless humor and ambiguity. Her writings, films and installations in public space transform these anxieties from the private to the very public arena of everyday life. She describes her approach as of a Critical Nearness in contrast to the term Critical Distance in postwar philosophy of the Frankfurt School.

Contact: 06 1037 8695


Hanna Hrabarska
Ukrainian artist in residence on place, time and her continuing journey as a ‘war refugee’

8 till 11 Dec 2022

WG Artist in residence Hanna Hrabarska from Kyiv made Amsterdam her temporary home after escaping the war in Ukraine. In this exhibition, presenting photography and texts, she reflects on how the history of her country transforms into her own life and destiny.

Since leaving Ukraine with her mother, Hanna Hrabarska has documented her own journey as a ‘war refugee’; and what it means to set up ‘home’ elsewhere, distanced from her homeland which continually is present in her life. Being ‘artist in residence’ in a foreign county makes her question what it means to be ‘in residence’, as well as what it means to be an artist. Her story and her work, like her personal journey is ongoing.

Hanna Hrabarska (1986) is a Ukrainian photographer, artist, journalist and teacher. Before the war, she was running a small portrait studio in the center of Kyiv and touring around the world with music bands and techno DJs.  She has established herself as a freelance photographer, photojournalist and documentary artist.  She is passionate about telling stories through the photographic image.

The exhibition ‘Ongoing’ is a itself a memory, accumulated throughout the years of living in the constantly changing historical landscape of Ukraine. Unlike some of her other, much more intimate photography projects, Hanna Hrabarska images present a bigger picture of Ukraine in time and space — from 2014 till now, from the eastern city Kryvyi Rih to Mali Selmentsi on the Slovakian border. The journey nearly always leads through Kyiv — a central place in a history of Ukraine and the heart of her personal life; and now the epicentre of Europe and the entire world. Her story and her work, like her personal journey is on-going.

Artist talk: puntWG will host an artist presentation and interview on Friday December 9th (17:30 hrs) where her photographs and other works become starting points for further dialogues. Hanna Hrabarska has asked Michiel Schwarz to moderate the conversation.

Hanna Hrabarska’s WG residency is supported by the Dutch Fund for Ukrainian artists, Mondriaan Fund and airWG.

Civility vs Violence: Education, Art and Community as a Way to Embrace Nonviolence


26 till 27 Nov 2022
Opening: November 26, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm with The Rain Dance Collective (concert) at 18:30pm
Closing: November 27, from 4:00pm - 7:00pm
16 geselecteerde video's van het Miami New Media Festival (MNMF) in samenwerking met atelierWGArts Connection Foundation Ahmad Mallah, Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum, Francisca Khamis Giacoman, Georgie Brinkman, Jessey De Nijs, Lin Chun Yao, Livia Malossi Bottignole & Piero Ramella, Mario Sergio Alvarez Gonzalez, Minsun Kim, Noé Cottencin, Nolwenn Vuillier, Nynke Deinema, Ryan Daniel Oduber, Studio Animaspace, Yana Khazanovich, Yuxuan&Huaigian

Guest Artists: Diana Blok, Raul Marroquin
40 Video artists of all nationalities living and working in the Netherlands submitted their work this year.
Twee Documentaires van Anita Mizrahi
Anita Mizrahi
23 Nov 2022 — 20:00 till 22:30 hrs
Part of the Unpredictable Sproutings
Kars Persoon
15 till 19 Nov 2022
Stories of Light and Darkness

'Stories of Light and Darkness' by Joop Haring questions the magic of 'looking' through perception.


11 till 13 Nov 2022

Sculptures, wall objects and drawings.

'Stories of Light and Darkness' questions the magic of 'looking' through perception.

The viewer's turn!

Image: Joop Haring, 'The Silent Sound of a Rainy Day' pastel drawing (70 x 50cm, 2021)

_Sponteanous Solo_

_Sponteanous Solo_ by Fabian Landewee at puntWG 3-6 November

3 till 6 Nov 2022

Open: Thurs/Fri/Sun: 14:00 - 18:00
Sat: 15:00 - 20:00 (drinks after 17h)

Fabian Landewee presents _Sponteanous Solo_ an exhibition featuring existing work from the past 5 years, assembled at short notice.

There are several lines of thought in his practice: exploring the photographic medium (materialisation and dematerialisation); exploring the concept of 'seeing' in itself; LGBTQI- related issues around identity; and a more recent experimentation with physical 3-dimensional work.

_Sponteanous Solo_ serves as an introduction to his work for the WG community and beyond, with a selection of photographic work, videos and so-called photographic sculptures.

Be welcome!

Fabian Landewee
visual artist and photographer
Studio// WG-pavilion 18, Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 95, 1054 RT Amsterdam
T: +31 (0) 6 4170 7873

Day Break Rhythm Silence

Bram Ieven and Ektor Ntourakos collaborate in Day Break Rhythm Silence, a sound installation to map the cultural and social interactions in the area of Rotterdam South. 

21 till 23 Oct 2022

Bram Ieven and Ektor Ntourakos collaborate in a sound installation to map the cultural and social interactions in the area of Rotterdam South. Concentrating on the inner courtyard of one specific housing complex, which facilitates private and rental households and small businesses, the installation ‘Day Break Rhythm Silence’ explores the emergence of a new type of public space. Starting from field recordings from the courtyard, Ieven and Ntourakos introduce ambient syntheses that highlight the sonic compositions in the social exchanges between the residents, but also between the residents and the material environment, as constitutive elements of a public space. The installation induces the visitors to conceive public space as a fluid and ambient social scape with an affective, aural presence that can invade even our most private spaces and institute its public and social rhythms at the heart of our own private lives.

Artwork in photo by Ektor Ntourakos

Photography by Ilya Rabinovich