Bare time
Koen Bartijn, with Doke Pauwels, Elisa Zuppini, Federica Dalla Pozza, Elisa Zuppini and Elisa Zuppini
1 till 2 May 2021
Opening: Tuesday 0 0000 — 00:00 till 00:00 hrs

Concept: Koen Bartijn

Performers: Doke Pauwels, Elisa Zuppini, Federica Dalla Pozza

Choreography: Elisa Zuppini 

In Bare Time three performers inhabit the space of Punt WG for a day. The daily activities of practising, dancing, and resting are performed within the space. Looped, these activities succumb to a bare choreographed pattern in which nothing new seems to enter. At the same time, the shared space in which they’re performed provides the potential for micro-events to influence the flow, creating raptures in the routines and emancipating them. While their times and activities are partitioned, there is a constant search for a common time

On May 1st and 2nd, we open the doors of the exhibition space in which you can witness the dancers in the loop of their common practice. 

This performance is part of Antidote an international network of solidarity, collaboration and collectivity between dancers, artists, thinkers and other creatives.

Images: Julia Mira