Image by Chunchi-Wang
Image by Chunchi-Wang
Jo-Lene Ong, Rumiko Hagiwara and Bea McMahon
1 till 3 Feb 2019
Opening: Saturday 2 Feb 2019 — 18:00 till 20:00 hrs

Opening & Performance: 2nd Feb 18:00 to 20:00

Performance: A Transcontinental Apology
Ghost in Silence - Rumiko Hagiwara
Sorry Not Sorry - Jo-Lene Ong
BELLYBUTTON - Bea McMahon and Rumiko Hagiwara


You are alive! Snip! Your umbilical cord has been cut!

What kind of behaviours will you exhibit?

At a bar in Amsterdam, Bea was giving feedback to Rumiko’s video/performance work Ghost in Silence (2018), which concludes its narrative with the word 'Sorry.' This word, 'Sorry', sparked the idea for their collaboration, and BELLYBUTTON is the end result. It is both a presentation of source material and a performance. They invited Jo-Lene for assistance in how to do some Transcontinental Apologizing, and she will contribute with a fashionable "Sorry not sorry."


According to Bea the full stop after the above sorry can only be one of four possibilities:

1. stop
2. please stop
3. O please stop
4. O do please stop

Rumiko had thought it was going to be apologizing without end.

The source material for BELLYBUTTON can be viewed 1st to 3rd February from 14:00 - 18:00

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Image by Chunchi-Wang
Image by Chunchi-Wang