Between Eyes & Sunrise
Clara Hastrup, Jenny Lindblom, Rodrigo Red Sandoval and Ticho Brouwers
6 till 18 Mar 2019
Opening: Wednesday 6 Mar 2019 — 18:00 till 20:00 hrs

Whether we stand on the top of a mountain, on the moon or inside a room, whether it is natural or manufactured – we are always surrounded by some sort of landscape.

As subjects, we try to understand the different landscapes we are embedded in. We break panoramas into pictures, and translate an orange tree into a table with orange juice or sand into glass. We try to understand what surrounds us with our bodies, minds and sometimes with tools. If we would describe landscape as a zoom out, and subjective experience as a zoom in, how does that jump happen and in which forms?  

Photo documentation by Ilya Rabinovich