Concreet Concrete
Stephan Keppel, Petra Noordkamp
6 till 20 Dec 2015
Opening: Sunday 6 Dec 2015 — 17:00 till 19:00 hrs

Early December, visual artist Stephan Keppel will show the first results of his new photo project in PuntWG. In the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal he researched and looked for material about New York. This international research institute and museum of architecture has an extensive database from which Keppel takes images which he scans, copies and re-photographes. By combining these images with photographs that he made in New York himself (Keppel stayed, among other places, for two days at a thrift store where they sell second-hand building materials), he tries to uncover something of the soul of the city.
Stephan Keppel will also exhibit a number of images from his project Entre Entrée about the outskirts of Paris, and by showing a part of his collection of photos and books about the city he will give an insight into his way of working.

Visual artist Petra Noordkamp who invited Stephan Keppel for this presentation, will show a small number of stills of her film Il Grande Cretto di Gibellina. This film for which she was commissioned by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York is about the impressive land art project by the Italian artist Alberto Burri. He covered the ruins of the city of Gibellina, which was completely destroyed by an earthquake, with a large white layer of cement and thus created a vast labyrinth. In her film she focuses mainly on the forms, the material and the structure of this work, which makes these images blend beautifully with the urban landscapes of Stephan Keppel.

Stephan Keppel is a visual artist working with photography. He studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Keppel’s photographic work is based on peripheral phenomena of architecture, the suburbs and the interior.  His archives contain among others images of street scenes, facades, urban landscape vegetation, and series of discarded printers, scanners and lamps, and from these images  exhibitions, books and (poster) editions evolve.


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