Costa Mediterranea, Annegien van Doorn.

Costa Mediterranea, Annegien van Doorn.
Costa Mediterranea
Annegien van Doorn
Curator: Jerry de Mars, Weekender
13 till 19 Dec 2016
Opening: Friday 16 Dec 2016 — 17:00 till 22:00 hrs

Also opened on Saturday 13-18hrs, and Sunday 15-18hrs.

With Costa Mediterranea artist Annegien van Doorn creates a wonderfull world. She announces her upcoming exhibition as follows:

The moment you set foot on board a cruise ship, you step into a parallel world. But before you're allowed to take that step, your picture is taken with some kind of scanner. It's as if the real 'you' has to remain ashore and only your avatar is allowed to board. This heightens the sensation that you're entering a different realm. On board you find yourself in a world inspired by different eras and continents, randomly mixed together. The interior of the cruise ship I was on drew inspiration from the historic palaces of Italy, according to their brochure. To me, it felt more like the mock world of a film set.

Once aboard the ship you couldn't move without being observed by the cruise staff. The ship was just 60% full, resulting in a ratio of two crew for every three passengers. The only place I could escape this scenery was in my 12m2 cabin. This cabin became the setting in which I created my own scenes. I also photographed my bedspread, which was folded into different shape everyday by the room attendant. These images of my cabin combined with pictures of the ship's interior show the (sur)reality of everyday life on a cruise.

This is an initiative by Weekender.


Costa Mediterranea, Annegien van Doorn.