Day Break Rhythm Silence
Bram Ieven and Ektor Ntourakos
21 till 23 Oct 2022
Opening: Friday 21 Oct 2022 — 19:00 till 22:00 hrs

Bram Ieven and Ektor Ntourakos collaborate in a sound installation to map the cultural and social interactions in the area of Rotterdam South. Concentrating on the inner courtyard of one specific housing complex, which facilitates private and rental households and small businesses, the installation ‘Day Break Rhythm Silence’ explores the emergence of a new type of public space. Starting from field recordings from the courtyard, Ieven and Ntourakos introduce ambient syntheses that highlight the sonic compositions in the social exchanges between the residents, but also between the residents and the material environment, as constitutive elements of a public space. The installation induces the visitors to conceive public space as a fluid and ambient social scape with an affective, aural presence that can invade even our most private spaces and institute its public and social rhythms at the heart of our own private lives.

Artwork in photo by Ektor Ntourakos

Photography by Ilya Rabinovich