Delano Berendsen, Data Bosma, Lente Brugge, Rosan van Doeselaar
30 Sep till 1 Oct 2017
Opening: Saturday 30 Sep 2017 — 17:00 till 19:00 hrs

The exhibition Dis[content] brings together the diverse work of four graduating students from the department Base for Experiment Art & Research at ArtEZ Arnhem.

The underlying theme in the work of Data Bosma is desire. Looking into celebrity fandom, she discovered she was not immune to the influence of celebrity culture either. Watching the B-movies of an actor called Kyle Gallner, Bosma started playing with the realisation that she was lost in daydreams of a phantom. Immersing herself ever more deeply, she creates environments with the colours of his skin. The objects in the work of Delano Berendsen are ridden of their function, though not without reference to their previous use, reorganized and recomposed to comply with the idea of an aesthetic utopia. Functionless climbing racks lie flipped upside down on the mezzanine: the floor plays with the children who climb the sky. Also in the work of Lente Brugge common objects are transformed, yet gain a new function. Ropeskipping-device is a work that you're allowed to touch and try, to activate and set in motion. Household objects are reassembled to form a newly created machinery, driven by people that want to play and by playing become a part of the artwork. Rosan van Doeselaar has a mission. She wants to improve the world! This time she attempts to save the bees. Follow her efforts.


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