Emotion Recognition from an algorithmic point of view
Coralie Vogelaar, Marjolein Vogels and Marina Miller Dessau
7 till 28 Oct 2018
Opening: Saturday 6 Oct 2018 — 17:00 till 20:00 hrs

Conversation on Emotion Recognition from an algorithmic point of view
With: Anja Groten, Coralie Vogelaar and Margarita Osipia
25 October 2018

Vogelaar will discuss themes of this show with designer and researcher Anja Groten (the artist behind interactive installation Face the InterFace), and curator and writer Margarita Osipian.

28 October 2018

Join the artists for a drink, an exhibition tour and Q&A.

Emotion Recognition from an algorithmic point of view is a collaboration between visual artist Coralie Vogelaar choreographer Marjolein Vogels and actress Marina Miller Dessau.

Together they explored and trained deconstructed facial expressions according to the Facial Action Coding System, developed by prof. Paul Ekman in 1978. This system forms the basis of contemporary emotion recognition software and shows us a computer way of looking at our emotions.

By combining these collaborative performative experiments with algorithmic compositions and image blending as a method, these studies have resulted in – amongst other – two video installations and a live performance exploring the complexities and unknown expressions of the face.

Sound design: De Auditieve Dienst, Arnoud Traa

This exhibition is generously supported by the Stimuleringsfonds voor Creative Industrie, 
by European Media Artist in Residence Exchange (EMARE) at Werkleitz and the ministry of culture Saxony-Anhalt.

The emotion software is FaceReader, with the help of the Usability Lab, Communication and Multimedia Design, Amsterdam University of Applied Science