Fricatives, Mute and Fugue - A Prelude
Serene Hui
21 till 25 Mar 2024
Opening: Thursday 21 Mar 2024 — 18:00 till 21:00 hrs

Live music performance at 8:30 PM by Francisco Garrido

Part of the airWG Series

Serene Hui, artist in residence at atelierWG, will present her new work, Fricatives, Mute and Fugue - A Prelude, produced during her stay at the airWG residency.

Fricatives, Mute and Fugue - A Prelude

Serene's research practice is often eclectic, involving a discursive, artistic and political exploration of her own context, using the geographical distance from personal lived experiences.

The project took inspiration from the text written by poet Eric Yip, Fricatives, through the productions of the body, voice and language to anticipate the problems of much larger social, cultural and political processes. The works on display aptly echo the poem’s title – how movements of the mouth and teeth are of the essence – to play with the allegory from ontology and linguistics. Taking the teeth as a physical embodiment of identity, both physically and conceptually, conveys ambiguity and ambivalence about cultural imperialism and displacement.

Taking double entendre for the word Fugue, the project extends to thinking of ways of comprehending that which escapes translation. While we hear repetition, ellipsis, foreign-ness and the untranslatable, almost fugue-like motifs, they are simultaneously language soaring in flight, like a Baroque composition Fugue – an attempt to emphasise the diverse and nuanced identity of the self and the constant redefinition of the subject.

puntWG will be open 21-25 March, 2-7 PM each day.

Supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Mondriaan Fonds.

Fricatives, Mute and Fugue - A Prelude wordt ondersteund door Hong Kong Arts Development Council en Mondriaan Fonds

photography by Ilya Rabinovich