Love revealed, or how to keep all this warmth at bay
Violeta Paez Armando
Curator: Àngels Miralda
10 till 20 Dec 2021
Opening: Friday 10 Dec 2021 — 14:00 till 17:00 hrs

10th-20th December; open Thursday-Sunday from 2-5pm.

Time is a relative experience. It speeds up as we grow older. It can pass by in the flutter of an eye, yet a moment can last for hours when subject to great intensity. A story written down thousands of years ago can bring out our deep connectedness to the past and to those who will live a hundred years from now. Violeta Paez reworks familiar stories that contain hidden narratives that survive over the course of centuries, with a particular focus on the relation between queerness and legibility. To retell mythological tales today is to unveil things hidden in plain sight. Darkness is a space of the unknown, the warmth of night and the cold of winter. Between visibility and invisibility, works, bodies, and spaces in Paez’s work are composed of gestures that unearth lost and fantasized queer stories.

 Love revealed,

         Or how to keep all this warmth at bay

Includes new works made of wax, metal, and various other materials along with performative interventions around the theme of monstrosity and corporeality. Violeta Paez’ new work is a speculative fiction that happens through performance, writing, and sculpture. Events will punctuate the duration of the exhibition at announced times. A publication of writings will accompany the exhibition, published by Attempt Press.

Photography by Ilya Rabinovich.