Nicot•ina commedia
Loek Schönbeck
3 till 11 Sep 2016
Opening: Saturday 3 Sep 2016 — 17:00 till 19:00 hrs

Open from Saturday 3th untill Sunday 11th of Sep 2016 - 1 2:00 - 18:00 o'clock.

 "O voi, che avete gl' intelletti sani,
Mirate la dottrina, che s' asconde
Sotto il velame degli versi strani!"

Translation: "O ye, who are in possession of sound intellect,
Take note of the lesson that is concealed
Under the veil of strange verses."

 Dante Alighieri Divina Commedia c. ⅰⅹ 61–63;
(vertaling: Frederica Bremer)

What is sound judgement? Those having visited one of Loek Schönbeck's exhibitions displaying Marlboro cigarette packets left behind in public spaces suddenly notice them everywhere around. Why not prior to that?

 Dante wrote a trilogy, the Divine Comedy. This exhibiton also keeps to this tripartition, yet, inconveniently. At the ground floor one has to look upward or lie down. Helpless. Is this what you want? The usual flight of stairs to the mezzanine has been closed off, but Jacob's ladder will lead you to the mezzanine. After all, one won't achieve purification just any old how. As a result, you pass through a maze of sculptures, drawings and hidden persuaders until you arrive at the Paradise. The artist won't give away the rest. It is up to the visitor to explore it.

The exhibition runs from September the 3th to 11th and will be opened on 3 September at 5 p.m. by Professor Fons Elders in puntWG.

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