No one is more popular than Mohamed
Mo Sirra
Curator: Lora Sariaslan
7 till 15 Sep 2019
Opening: Saturday 7 Sep 2019 — 17:00 till 19:00 hrs

This is the end presentation of the current AirWG resident Mo Sirra supported by Mondriaan Tijdelijke Binnenlandateliers programme.

“Mo Sirra examines and theorizes the essence of creation. How can one mediate art? How can one create? And more importantly, how can one create 'freely'? This examination has deeply influenced his approach to cultural practice and is reminiscent of the (memory of the) sites or lieu de mémoire (site of memory) of the French historian Pierre Nora.

As Mo Sirra approaches art practice as an act of urgency, he focuses on the impermanent and spatially complex nature of art practice through his diverse and fluid work encompassing drawing, installation, photography, and sculpture. The politicization of life and hence art is one of his driving forces, informed and enriched by personal experiences leading to (hi)stories that entangle the first person with(in) the third--blurring the edges of a self-portrait.”
Lora Sariaslan

Artist Statement

The artist in question argues that art is an act of urgency requires practitioner and institution at state of emergency. Despite this prescheduled presentation; please be advised that the artist, the content of the presentation, the opening hours, the location are subject to change.

What if the human being inherited a contaminated knowledge?

What if ‘art’ is advertisement instrument for Capitalism, propaganda for other Ideology?

What if ‘freedom of expression’ is daily exercise, rather than an article in Human Rights Act?

What if ‘independence’ is a continuous struggle against suppression rather an inactive clause in a constitution?

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

Photo documentation by Ilya Rabinovich