Hanna Hrabarska
8 till 11 Dec 2022
Opening: Friday 9 Dec 2022 — 17:00 till 19:00 hrs

WG Artist in residence Hanna Hrabarska from Kyiv made Amsterdam her temporary home after escaping the war in Ukraine. In this exhibition, presenting photography and texts, she reflects on how the history of her country transforms into her own life and destiny.

Since leaving Ukraine with her mother, Hanna Hrabarska has documented her own journey as a ‘war refugee’; and what it means to set up ‘home’ elsewhere, distanced from her homeland which continually is present in her life. Being ‘artist in residence’ in a foreign county makes her question what it means to be ‘in residence’, as well as what it means to be an artist. Her story and her work, like her personal journey is ongoing.

Hanna Hrabarska (1986) is a Ukrainian photographer, artist, journalist and teacher. Before the war, she was running a small portrait studio in the center of Kyiv and touring around the world with music bands and techno DJs.  She has established herself as a freelance photographer, photojournalist and documentary artist.  She is passionate about telling stories through the photographic image.

The exhibition ‘Ongoing’ is a itself a memory, accumulated throughout the years of living in the constantly changing historical landscape of Ukraine. Unlike some of her other, much more intimate photography projects, Hanna Hrabarska images present a bigger picture of Ukraine in time and space — from 2014 till now, from the eastern city Kryvyi Rih to Mali Selmentsi on the Slovakian border. The journey nearly always leads through Kyiv — a central place in a history of Ukraine and the heart of her personal life; and now the epicentre of Europe and the entire world. Her story and her work, like her personal journey is on-going.

Artist talk: puntWG will host an artist presentation and interview on Friday December 9th (17:30 hrs) where her photographs and other works become starting points for further dialogues. Hanna Hrabarska has asked Michiel Schwarz to moderate the conversation.

Hanna Hrabarska’s WG residency is supported by the Dutch Fund for Ukrainian artists, Mondriaan Fund and airWG.