Open ateliers van atelierWG Amsterdam
2 Oct 2016 — 14:00 till 19:30 hrs

More than twenty artists are opening their studio for you on sunday the 2nd of October. 

From 14.00 – 18.00hrs the studios are open for visitors. There is is a map of the participating artists available at puntWG. Here is also the exhibition 'Curved side down' is also on display.

From 18:00 -19:30hrs there will be drinks, snacks and music in puntWG with artists and visitors.

De deelnemende kunstenaars zijn: Loek Schönbeck,  Joop Haring,  Maria Schilder,  Jacqueline Bohlmeijer,  Anneke BruinLuitzen ZandbergenCorri JanssenSilvia Copray, Ati Lichtveld, Jelle Kampen, Joost van SantenMaarten Welbergen, Clare van Stolk, Colette Curfs, Emmy Ruis, Bianca KoevoetsPauline Wiertz, Kars Persoon, Bernadette Beunk, Hedwig van der Heiden, Tamar Rubinstein, Per Eric Jansson, Barbara Nanning.

Opening hours

puntWG is open on weekends from   14.00 tot 18.00 hrs and extra opening hours as shown  in the above item.

And also by appointment


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