Professional Amateur - Research, Collaborations and Invitations
depend on me
5 till 15 Mar 2022
Opening: Friday 4 Mar 2022 — 17:00 till 20:00 hrs

As part of puntWG's studio series, depend on me presents their research results, artworks and collaborations from the past year. This presentation, entitled “professional amateur”, marks the end of a pilot project, initiated by artist Marieke Zwart, in which professional artists collaborated with amateur and semi-professional artists on new artworks and working methods. During the course of a year, fourteen artists created five works and explored how to organize collaborative artistic practices, creating interdependence, co-authorship, inspiring exchanges and a future perspective on artistic collaborations.

The exhibition will be closed on the afternoon of Wednesday 9th March.

Public Activities:
But what exactly is an amateur? And when are you a professional artist and when not (anymore)? During six meetings and activities with involved art collectives, artists, the WG community, and the public, the adopted distinction between the two categories is discussed and artists share with each other and the public how they work together within their practice.

On Sunday 6th March, PJ Bruyniks will give a presentation with an unscientific approach to classification systems in art, science and healthcare. Following this, science sociologist Trudy Dehue will explain a scientific approach to classifications in our society. The visitors can then play a newly developed classification quartet. The participants can choose whether they play as 'amateurs' or as 'professionals'.

On Tusday 8th March, artist and designer Lotte Lara Schröder will give a workshop, Artist Trading Cards. ATC’s are small sets of original cards (each 64 x 89 mm) which are to be exchanged with other makers during organized trading events.

On Friday 11th March, Syrian Artist Marwan Noufal will teach a workshop in acrylic Painting. Noufal has contributed to the publication with an artist contribution. Aram Lee and Marieke Zwart invited Noufal after collaborating with the i-psy art group at Framer Framed Amsterdam, where he paints.

On March 13, the book presentation of the publication of the same name - professional amateur - will take place. A series of interviews between all participants forms the starting point for this publication, in which both the process and the results of this research project come together. HF van Steensel will read three short stories and guest writer Tina Lenz will receive the first book. The book presentation will be followed by an auction of works of art by the depend on me artists.



Hoe Classificatiesystemen ons Leven Bepalen/ How Classification Systems Rule Our Life

by PJ Bruyniks

guests: Trudy Dehue, Esther Vossen en Marieke Zwart

Sunday 6 March, 14.00 - 17.00 hrs


Artist Trading Cards Workshop

by  Lotte Lara Schröder

Tuesday 8th March (time tbc)


Workshop: Acrylic Painting by Marwan Noufal

by Marwan Noufal, guest contributor to publication depend on me, professional amateur.

Friday 11 March, 14.30 - 17.00hrs


Professional Amateur Auction/Veiling

by all depend on me artists

Sunday 13 March, 15.00 - 16.00 hrs


Boekpresentatie/ Booklaunch

by depend on me research group

special guest: Tina Lenz

Sunday 13 March, 16.00 - 17.00 hrs


The entire (current) program can be found at depend on me. Updates and live streams are shared via Instagram. Follow depend on me at Instagram and Facebook.

Access to puntWG is free.

This presentation was made possible by all the artists involved, AFK, PuntWG, artistic
partners Beeldend Gesproken, Framer Framed, de Ronde Venen, WG community, i-psy and
the nearly 100 donors op VOORDEKUNST.

 Photography by Ilya Rabinovich.