Eric Giraudet de Boudemange. Performance with Natalia Domìngues Rangel. Participation by Daniel Vorthuys.
6 till 14 Jul 2019
Opening: Friday 5 Jul 2019 — 18:00 till 21:00 hrs

The central piece of She-Wolves is an experimental video game composed by field work material collected in the Alps (during workshops, interviews, and walks), with personal narrative content inspired by mainstream pop culture.

It tells the sensual story of women werewolves in the Alps de Haute-Provence, where the wolf re-appeared 20 years ago, a hundred years after its extinction in France. The return of the predator causes great political tensions in local communities opposing shepherd protecting their cheptel, to ecologists in favor of its protection. In parallel, vernacular legends raise again, inspired by local stories and movies like Twilight. The mythical meets the political ; the local blends into the global.

She-Wolves capsizes the gender paradigm of the powerful fertilizing force in nature and gives the bestial hairy power to women. It opens the door for an open narrative experiment taking its sources in ecological matters, feminism, folklore and pop culture.

During the opening, the performative version of the game will be performed at 19:30.

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