Bas Jan Ader, Halina Kliem, Jennifer Tee
Curator: Noa Giniger
11 May till 1 Jun 2014
Opening: Saturday 10 May 2014 — 17:00 till 19:00 hrs

The word 'status', by definition, refers to a given now which does not necessarily guarantee its relevance for the moments to follow. Therefore, it expresses a position that is subject to constant examination and change.

Social media has appropriated the word status and incorporated it into today’s jargon as a space for sharing one’s feelings, thoughts and actions with friends and followers — ‘What is on your mind?’. This endless verbose time-line is an attempt to not let any moment be forgotten or left behind.

Status brings together works by three artists in which text – the written word – performs as solid matter and confronts its own unstable and fragile content.
This exhibition is supported by PuntWG and Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK).


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