Suggested Cuts:
André Avelãs & guests (Koen Nutters, Seamus Cater, Mike Ottink, Brian McKenna, and more TBC)
2 till 8 Jun 2021
Opening: Tuesday 0 0000 — 00:00 till 00:00 hrs

Daily from12:00 -» 20:00.

There is no opening per se, everyday there will be recording/cutting sessions open to the public. On the last day there will be a finissage with a live performance using the recorded materials. The time of the performance is flexible.

Suggested Cuts: is a small exercise in live record cutting as a performance tool.

The project is based on exploring the possibilities of the vinyl recorder lathe, also known as a dubplate cutter. This machine essentially works like a normal record player, but in reverse: it uses a diamond stylus to cut the vinyl in real-time to engrave the vibrations produced by the incoming sound signal.

For Suggested Cuts:, Avelãs invited a number of artists and musicians to each create a small edition of unique versions of the same piece/composition – if there are 10 copies, it will be performed 10 different times, and each dubplate will be unique.

In collaboration with André Avelãs, the invited artists/musicians are encouraged to explore the limitations and possibilities of the medium of vinyl records – etching, shaping, making picture discs, exploring locked, inverted and parallel grooves, using materials like X-rays or old CDs, making unplayable record-objects, drilling multiple centre holes, and so on...

Visitors are welcome to attend the recording/cutting sessions, and to listen to the records cut on the days before on listening stations in the space.