© Rutger ten Broeke
© Rutger ten Broeke
The New Introverts
Rutger ten Broeke, Blanka Wasowicz, MC de Waal
1 till 9 Apr 2017
Opening: Saturday 1 Apr 2017 — 17:00 till 19:00 hrs

Introducing: the New Introverts 

At a time when the world seems most in tune with loud chatter and unsolicited digital sensations, when the channels of communication are always wide open and a continual state of alertness is required, the New Introverts turn the sickle side of the moon to the world.  

They find inspiration in the individual and the unobserved and the thrill of recognising fellow human beings in the crowd. Gone are the smokescreens and the retouched styling and make-up perfection of the current media age. The New Introverts instead derive pleasure from a neo-romantic pursuit of the full expression of the self. 

The photographers in the upcoming group exhibition at puntWG present the New Introverts in their various guises. The work on display taps into a sensibility that picks up signals easily missed in the extroverted experience of life. 

Exhibiting Artists:  

Rutger ten Broeke enjoys international recognition as a black and white photographer of nudes, nature and the people he encounters on his many travels, including the Americas and Arcadia.  

Blanka Wasowicz is an analogue photographer whose portraits evoke pre-Raphaelite views of artistic representation. She travels extensively and frequently exhibits her portraits. 

MC de Waal has for some time now been portraying this new tribe using cameras and printing methods from the analogue era. MC de Waal has shown work in Amsterdam, London and New York. 


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© Rutger ten Broeke
© Rutger ten Broeke
© Blanka Wasowicz
© Blanka Wasowicz
©  MC de Waal
© MC de Waal