To Move Slowly, Especially As a Result of Outside Forces
Sara Bjarland, Pausenclown, Roosmarijn Schoonewelle, Nienke Sybrandy
3 till 5 Nov 2023
Opening: Thursday 2 Nov 2023 — 19:00 till 21:00 hrs

Finissage: Sunday 5 November, 3pm-5pm

Part of the atelierWG series

The exhibition To Move Slowly, Especially As a Result of Outside Forces, brings together five makers in an intuitive way. They focus on reuse and giving new meaning to overlooked or discarded materials. They take the time to attach themselves to these materials by carefully transforming them, making them visible, and giving them attention. They feel the need to deal more consciously with things that are already there, an approach to art and design that is becoming increasingly urgent in a world faced with environmental problems and overconsumption. They move slowly, looking softly at seemingly insignificant things, breathing new life into them, or suggest alternative meanings.

The exhibition comprises a variety of media and materials. For example, we see casts of used ventilation pipes, wall tapestries with motifs stemming from domestic life, sculptural textile works made from old garments and collages of cut-up drawings and painterly works on paper under which older works are hidden.

Workshop: 5 November, 14:00-16:00
On Sunday the 5th November, Pausenclown will host an intuitive sewing workshop with the theme “Patch up”. Participants can bring their own pieces of clothing in need to be patched up, but can also choose to make a separate badge, only using left-over materials.