Masatoshi Noguchi, Susan Kooi
31 Mar till 23 Apr 2023
Opening: Friday 31 Mar 2023 — 18:00 till 21:00 hrs

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

Back in 1637 one could buy a canal house in Amsterdam with a tulip bulb, during the so-called tulipmania, the first economic bubble. Their function as a currency, with its value just as unreliable as crypto currency today, was short-lived. Its value changed completely again in the Dutch Famine of 1945, when people ate old dry tulip bulbs. The bulbs went from currency to emergency food. Tulip bulbs are both a symbol for the unjust wealth the Netherlands gathered from colonialism, and of the poverty caused by WW2. 

For the exhibition we produce a limited amount of ceramic coins called ‘Tulpengulden’, that can be used to purchase food and drinks. We turn the gallery into a bank, where we offer a currency exchange service. The entrance is where the actual exchange happens. The exchange rate changes throughout the show, which is displayed on a screen. 

We use the kitchen to cook on Fridays - starting ourselves with Curry Udon, a dish that combines Indian curry that travelled from the UK to Japan with Japanese noodles and fish broth, with tulip bulbs as topping. We serve cocktails based on tulipvodka and mocktails with tulipsyrup.  Next Friday's menus are by artist/chefs Müge Yilmaz and Mattia Papp. As the menu changes, so does the exchange rate for the coins.

Friday 31 March, 18h: Opening event and dinner
Friday 07 April, 18h: Dinner by Mattia Pap
Friday 14 April, 18h: Dinner by Müge Yilmaz

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Stichting Stokroos

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Photography by Ilya Rabinovich