Marie Farrington - puntWG
The Unseen Eyebeam Crossed

Part of the airWG Series

The Unseen Eyebeam Crossed is a new body of site-responsive sculptural works by Irish artist Marie Farrington, marking her first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. Informed by histories and material residues around the WG building, the works take the studio and gallery space as points of departure to explore architecture as a conduit for memory, an orientation of relationships, and a ritual landscape of reciprocity and care. 

14 till 23 Jun 2024

Exhibition opening hours: Tues-Fri 13:00-19:00 / Sat-Sun 14:00-18:00  
Exhibition walk-through with the artist: Sunday 16 June, 16:00

Part of the airWG Series

The Unseen Eyebeam Crossed is a new body of site-responsive sculptural works by Irish artist Marie Farrington, marking her first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. Informed by histories and material residues around the WG building, the works take the studio and gallery space as points of departure to explore architecture as a conduit for memory, an orientation of relationships, and a ritual landscape of reciprocity and care. 

A broad range of materials converge in works that contain bi-products from each other’s production. Formations in glass, soapstone, talc, clay, brass, candlewick and jute reflect on the space as both an  archive and stage. Found windowpanes originating from the surrounding residential streets become  contingent frames that enter into exchange with the architecture, holding ghostly silhouettes of  exhibition objects. Leakages, gaps, breakages and displacements reveal the porous borders of these arrangements, creating a set of testing grounds that seem both diagrammatic and ephemeral. 

The resulting works evoke a spectral presence through unfixed or provisional elements centred around  transparency, opacity and fragmentation. The installations perform a subtle mapping of the gallery’s X and Y axes, plotting the body and it’s material encounters within pictorial and spatial planes. What  emerges is a meditation on the act of looking, manifested through assemblages that reflect on the  conditions of their own visibility.  

Marie Farrington (b. 1990) is an Irish visual artist and writer. Her practice reflects on the act of making  through geological and archaeological lenses. Using casting, carving and other sculptural processes, she engages with memory through situated encounters with landscape and architecture. Her work  makes formal reference to field sampling, built heritage and histories of display. Marie is a Project  Studio awardee at Temple Bar Gallery+Studios, Dublin (2024-25). She is supported by The Arts Council of Ireland.  

With special thanks to Wilma Kuijvenhoven, Els van der Graaf, Hugo Palmer, Rob ter Haar, Miku Sato, and all at MAKE Eindhoven glass department, especially Lorena Miguel, Magdalena Köb and Noa Zandee. 

Revisiting Museutopia

Part of the atelierWG Series

In this exhibition three artists will show different approaches to depicting historical narratives.

5 till 9 Jun 2024

Exhibition Open: 5.06.24 - 9.06.24 from 14.00 until 18.00
Opening Event: Saturday 8 June from 17.00 until 20.00. At 18:00 there will be an artists' talk moderated by Anna Bitkina.

Part of the atelierWG Series

In this exhibition three artists will show different approaches to depicting historical narratives.

National Museums
In his ongoing project Revisiting Museutopia, artist Ilya Rabinovich examines the role of national museums in shaping identity narratives. As a native of Moldova raised in Israel, Rabinovich's installation features photographs of national museums from both countries, blending their unique features to expose the shared mechanisms they employ. The installation offers a sensory experience that invites viewers to reflect on how these cultural institutions influence our understanding of history and belonging.

Urban landscape
The paintings of Tatyana Yassievich often depict Russian cities and landscapes which bear the imprint of history in the form of statues, churches and military objects, but also more mundane traces of residents and builders. Her work reveals the many faces of the city from a human perspective.

Arnout Killian's paintings of tapestries are based on pictures found in handcraft books for amateurs from the seventies. He is interested in how icons of modern art leak into the visual language of popular culture and how meaning is altered when a picture travels through different media. 

Zuza Banasińska, Myrto Vratsanou - puntWG 
Double double

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

Banasińska and Vratsanou reflect on the figure of the double, focusing on the story-telling potential of traceology, carved stones, cinema’s doppelgangers and other material fictions, in the form of a film, a series of objects, drawings and a LARP event.

24 May till 2 Jun 2024

Opening hours: Tues-Fri 13:00-18:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-19:00
LARP sessions: Sat 25 May & Sun 2 June 12:00-15:00

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

‘double double’ is an exhibition and LARP (Live Action Role Play) by Zuza Banasińska and Myrto Vratsanou. The artists explore the figure of the double as a device towards non-hierarchical kinship, through a reflection on mirroring, shadowing, occupying negative space and other modes of proliferating the self. 

Doubling is treated as a methodology for story-telling and speculation, reflecting and refracting unstable identities. Mirroring becomes a way to process, relate, collaborate and become hybrid. Split pebbles and neolithic carvings lead to superimposition, glitches and other ghosts of the cinematic apparatus. The artists appropriate the method of traceology to speculate around corrosions, fissures and wounds, generating doubles as a filling compound for canonical knowledge gaps. Similar to the original yet other, these copies interrupt linearity and unearth ghostly qualities. At puntWG, Banasińska and Vratsanou construct a stage for this exploration, focusing on the story-telling potential of interpreting traces, early cinema’s doppelgangers and other projections, in the form of a film and a series of objects and drawings. 

This “stage” will be activated through 2 participatory LARP sessions, revolving around a film production dealing with corrupted footage and a missing protagonist. Participants will be invited to embody film-makers or film-characters, to reflect on what lies in the negative space of the missing hero, and what new tropes of kinship can be discovered there. 

The Live Action Role Play will be discussion-based and will be shaped by the participants themselves. It is structured as a playful, immersive way to approach theoretical and conceptual thought. No previous LARP background is required. 

The sessions will take place on 25.05 and 02.06 from 12 until 3 pm (including breaks for coffee and refreshments). If you’d like to participate, please write an email to including your name and which of the two dates you prefer. After that you will receive your character card. In the meantime, we are happy to answer any questions :] :]

Zuza Banasińska (they/them) is an artist and filmmaker from Warsaw, based in Amsterdam. In their practice, they are interested in the reproduction of images and how these enable the reproduction of systems, subjects and bodies. They approach this through a speculative (re)performance of archives within essay films and installations. They studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and Sandberg Instituut, as well as the Universität der Künste in Berlin. Their works have been shown in spaces such as the U-Jazdowski CCA in Warsaw and Dům Umění Mesta Brna, among others. Their recent film premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2024 and the 74th Berlinale, where it received the Teddy Award for best short film. 

Myrto Vratsanou (she/her) is a visual artist based in Copenhagen and Athens. Her practice revolves around the haunted, uncanny aspects of digital and material spaces. Working in drawing and sculpture, she explores material histories, fictions, and traditions. Vratsanou studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, the Sandberg Instituut, as well as the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM). Her work has been shown in spaces such as: Weltkunszimmer Dusseldorf, Temporary Gallery Cologne, Neverneverland and the Eye film museum in Amsterdam, Chisenhale Gallery London, One Minute Space and a.antonopoulou. art gallery in Athens.


Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

TOLERANCE presents different frictions of bodies and materials that make-up and challenge the physical space of community, anchored directly in Amsterdam.

25 Apr till 20 May 2024

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

Lived experience, seeping bodily fluids, nosey neighbours, “nuisance tourism”, urban redevelopment schemes, commercialised culture, and back-handed liberalism; TOLERANCE is a group exhibition by Pennie Key, Brianna Leatherbury, and Tild Greene. The show presents the complexities and contradictions between private and public space in Amsterdam, taking De Wallen and the WG-Terrain as its sites of study.

The self-proclaimed “tolerance” of Amsterdam specifically is in question. Especially as the city is now reconsidering its economic future, “the kinds of tourists” it would like to have visit, and, most shockingly, the future of legal sex work, we wanted to bring together our specific experiences and interests in the structural make up of Amsterdam that also comprise our individual practices. Together we react on private and public exchange, the city’s own ecologies of visibility, voyeurism, pomp, and surveillance.

Altogether, TOLERANCE presents different frictions of bodies and materials that make up and challenge the physical space of the community, anchored directly in our city. By working with the structures that direct our behaviours in Amsterdam, each of our work is a means of questioning the social norms assumed by these structures.

Closing event: Saturday 19 May at 19:00 (with the show open from 13:00)
Mercy (co-founder of HXSSY: Queer SW Arts & Culture, and sex worker of 5 years, currently living and working in De Wallen) will join to discuss life and work in the Red Light District, the planned displacement of the windows and the New Erotic Centre.

Am I, an Object

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

The film project "Am I, an object" explores the blurred boundaries between the body and object, using satire and humor to question concepts of authorship, originality, and value within the context of funeral rituals.

6 till 21 Apr 2024

Part of the puntWG Open Call Series

With the film project "Am I, an object," artist Benjamin Francis delves into the blurring boundaries between the body and the object. The project takes place place in a funeral home wherin he explores subjects such as funeral care, death rituals, and the hierarchical relationship between the artist and his sculpture. The film employs satire, humorously questioning concepts such as authorship, originality, and value.

During the film, two performers are presented as sculptures, their bodies manipulated and moved by the artists. But conflict arises when discussions emerge about who is the most original - the artist or his creation?

While performing as art sculptures, the performers will present texts based on lyrics of funeral hymns. The lyrics are constructed through errors occurring in mistranslations to English and through disparities between English and non-English language hymns. Francis found this process of lyric-making significant as it questions meaning-making and authenticity. What does it mean for something to be original? When we think of mourning processes and discussions of death, we often insist on stressing the departed’s individuality, what makes them special, one of a kind.

Supporting actors:
Frank van der Burg, Iris van Elshuis, Maureen van Elshuis, Karin Toole, Bojan Fajfric, Patrick Teixeira, Maritte Joseph, Misty Super-De-Luxe, Lizzy, Zazi Creijghton.
Video DOP:
Photographer/Light assistant: @gingerhorn
Sound recording: @ossip_blits
Runner/Producer: @beyondtheblinds

Production: @ewan_mcsorley
Make up: @carmelitasart
Hair: @zynwalahair
Special thanks @abcndstore for the Jewelry
and @museumtotzover for lending me an art piece

Colorist: @jacob.creach
Sound Design: @dennis.wav
Editor: kdanielwalwin

Graphic design: @createbylaw
Voiceover: @_sarjon_
Introduction text @stefhulskamp

Photography by Ilya Rabinovich