WTBN Booklet Launch + feelsgalore.radio
Ronja Andersen, Helena Grande, Giovanni Giaretta, Faysal Mroueh and Daniel Vorthuys
10 Jul 2021 — 15:00 till 22:00 hrs

This event is the last episode of the project Wanting to but Not and will present:

☞ A booklet designed by Ronja Andersen. This booklet works as a small catalogue of our exhibition at puntWG and it includes new images and the original texts from the art works of Giovanni Giaretta, Helena Grande and Faysal Mroueh. 

☞ A new episode of feelsgalore together with poet and artist Daniel Vorthuys. Hanging out during the performance we did last February created a space for sharing fairy-tales and other fantasy constructs through sound. We have worked on a poetic audiowork titled feelsgalore.radio where we compiled our voices telling old and new stories, accompanied by music and sound. 

☞ feelsgalore.radio will be available at puntWG during Saturday 10 July, just book a time slot if you’d like to listen: LINK.