Expelled from Earth
Jaakko Myyri & Jan Berger
17 jan t/m 13 feb 2023
Opening: zaterdag 21 jan 2023 — 17:00 uur

How do societal worldings constitute the understanding of the self within a grand epic? In Jan Berger’s work High Seat, images of terraformed topologies are conflated with narrative snippets that allude to the making of cultural policies, their semantics, and subjectivities within their respective Western cultural world-frames.

Myyri’s sculptural ceiling works Gully-body/Aeolia-body play a constant loop of rainy day gifs: an image subject that is most commonly shared online as a backdrop to show poetic grief, personal yearnings, or the need for ‘a break from everything’. Myyri uses the object of a fan to both emphasise the need of machines and humans alike to cool and process, as well as the geodesic onset to communicate intimate narratives in complex environments.

Image credit: Jan Berger


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