First Studies in Virology - Designing a New Disease
Yvonne Dröge Wendel, Yiyi Chen, Michal Dawid and others
28 aug t/m 12 sep 2022
Opening: donderdag 1 sep 2022 — 19:00 uur

Under the title First Studies in Virology - Designing a New Diseasea collection of  drawings, paintings, sculptures, animations, and network cartographies will gather in puntWG. The space transforms into a work station with raw materials,  tape, glue, models of viruses, papers, network diagrams, computer screens and  organised talks. A group of designers and artists will be busy trying to  understand how to deal with the visible and invisible workings of viruses.


puntWG is open in het weekend van 14:00 tot 18:00 uur en op extra tijden die vermeld staan bij de betreffende activiteiten.

En ook op afspraak


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