I Am Inside Who I Was
Danae Io, Bin Koh, Alice dos Reis
18 t/m 27 feb 2022
Opening: zaterdag 19 feb 2022 — 17:00 tot 19:00 uur

Tentoonstelling: 18-20 en 25-27 februari


‘I am inside who I was’

eating seeds, counting seeds, breaking seeds,

exchanging seeds, scattering seeds,

write it out with your fingers, etch

it swiping your tips in red 

juice, let your clothes drink

what was left from the talking, the counting, the touching


I ate the hills. 


beads mark time, 

they come out loose

beads mark time

they scrap the counting

I ate the hills. 


‘I am inside who I was’ is an exhibition by artists Alice dos Reis, Bin Koh and Danae Io. Together they have produced new works after a short residency in the PuntWG space. The exhibition is part of a collaborative process to address what Denise Ferreira da Silva calls ‘separability’, the western epistemological principle that considers the social as a whole constituted of formally separate parts. Through their encounters the artists have looked at the pomegranate fruit as a structure that holds the many, a symbol of both fertility and anti-fertility, a link between the world above and under; a refusal of dichotomies by being in between or both. In their process they attempt to rupture separability through their collaboration and friendship.

 Photography by Ilya Rabinovich.