Andrea Marcellier, Tim Neutel
5 t/m 21 aug 2022
Opening: vrijdag 5 aug 2022 — 18:00 uur

For the month of August, works by Andrea Marcellier and Tim Neutel will be presented at puntWG, Amsterdam.

Installed in the space, the works reflect on a shortcut to familiar ground, and what insights and outlooks might become available from this. A coming in an out of reach that makes vivid or firmly grabs hold of a site. The title of the exhibition is Summaries.

A dinner will take place on Saturday 20th of August at 19:00. To attend, RSVP to

Poster by Linnea Rutz.


puntWG is open in het weekend van 14:00 tot 18:00 uur en op extra tijden die vermeld staan bij de betreffende activiteiten.

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