Marie Farrington - puntWG

Marie Farrington - puntWG
The Unseen Eyebeam Crossed
Marie Farrington
14 t/m 23 jun 2024
Opening: donderdag 13 jun 2024 — 17:00 tot 20:00 uur

Exhibition opening hours: Tues-Fri 13:00-19:00 / Sat-Sun 14:00-18:00  
Exhibition walk-through with the artist: Sunday 16 June, 16:00

Part of the airWG Series

The Unseen Eyebeam Crossed is a new body of site-responsive sculptural works by Irish artist Marie Farrington, marking her first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. Informed by histories and material residues around the WG building, the works take the studio and gallery space as points of departure to explore architecture as a conduit for memory, an orientation of relationships, and a ritual landscape of reciprocity and care. 

A broad range of materials converge in works that contain bi-products from each other’s production. Formations in glass, soapstone, talc, clay, brass, candlewick and jute reflect on the space as both an  archive and stage. Found windowpanes originating from the surrounding residential streets become  contingent frames that enter into exchange with the architecture, holding ghostly silhouettes of  exhibition objects. Leakages, gaps, breakages and displacements reveal the porous borders of these arrangements, creating a set of testing grounds that seem both diagrammatic and ephemeral. 

The resulting works evoke a spectral presence through unfixed or provisional elements centred around  transparency, opacity and fragmentation. The installations perform a subtle mapping of the gallery’s X and Y axes, plotting the body and it’s material encounters within pictorial and spatial planes. What  emerges is a meditation on the act of looking, manifested through assemblages that reflect on the  conditions of their own visibility.  

Marie Farrington (b. 1990) is an Irish visual artist and writer. Her practice reflects on the act of making  through geological and archaeological lenses. Using casting, carving and other sculptural processes, she engages with memory through situated encounters with landscape and architecture. Her work  makes formal reference to field sampling, built heritage and histories of display. Marie is a Project  Studio awardee at Temple Bar Gallery+Studios, Dublin (2024-25). She is supported by The Arts Council of Ireland.  

With special thanks to Wilma Kuijvenhoven, Els van der Graaf, Hugo Palmer, Rob ter Haar, Miku Sato, and all at MAKE Eindhoven glass department, especially Lorena Miguel, Magdalena Köb and Noa Zandee.


Marie Farrington - puntWG